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February 10, 2024 GEI Buttons For Sale
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December 6, 2023 

Working on the Home Page, added a few buttons, GWI 18,

New Loyalist Section Link:

November 18, 2018

William Henry Harrison Button Section up!

November 14, 2018

OD 5, OD 15, State Guard General Service Button, & 1812 Wishart EG 1.

November 10, 2018

I am in a birthday mood this year. Thanks to Carey, I was able to obtain some real rare Rev War Specimens. Here is the share of some them I bought. 1st is 1776 4th Battalion of Pennsylvania Rifles and Second is French design, most likely a field molded from. Continental Artillery button.


1776 4th Battalion of Pennsylvania Riffles. 


1778 Continental Artillery Button

June 22, 2018

 The problem has been an insurmountable introduction of George Washington Inaugural button forgeries into the U.S. relic market. With innovative technology being able to replicate observable traits, sellers themselves are unable to provide authenticity. Unlike 25 years ago when private sales dominated the sales of collections, now most historical items are funneled through U.S. based auction houses for higher returns. This appeal for higher profits provides a false sense on two levels. First, without authenticating by a scientific process you leave the purchasers with no assurances after they take possession and resume authentication responsibility. Second, unknowingly or knowingly sell forgeries in the collectors market, you unwittingly provide assurance of a bonafide GWI Button Collector market that can be EQUAL to the Numismatic (Coins) market. At this point, (June 2018) I would NOT BUY ANY GWI BUTTON that is not dug out of the ground without a lifetime guarantee from the seller! I have been Tracking most public and most private sales for almost 20 years, and I am seeing new specimens enter our market in an “Alarming Rate” through inexperienced sales representatives. There is no malice, but their ability not to be able to recognize a forgery in consignment has been alarming over the last 5 years. By institutions backing their salesman’s mistakes, it deteriorates the credibility of their own name to provide authenticity. 

     I have been working on solutions to combat these high tech George Washington Inaugural Button forgers directly. It is not enough to monitor the market and rely on the ethics of the seller, or the knowledge of the buyer in forgeries. Modern day forgers are well funded, and have accessibility to high technology and production machinery. This new two-step verification process is for all 18th Century American Relics and George Washington Inaugural Buttons. Since, Robert Scot and his Philadelphia artisans were responsible for most Metallurgical Relics (Seals, Coins, ect..) this process should be applied to establish irrefutable authenticity.

     I believe with the new introduction of the non evasive procedure like Archeo Forensic Metallurgy, we can eliminate any question of authenticity ( 99%+) in reference to the age of the metal alloys used in the forging of the GWI button planchets. A non evasive laser beam would be targeted into the (relic) George Washington Inaugural Button, and it’s metallurgical information would be transmitted back to the computer. The computer has a data base of established dated relics along with their composition breakdowns. This provides the raw materials geographical location for the mines, and the areas these materials were used to fabricate metal products. This is unlike the laser digital imagery used by grading services like PCGS or NGS to catalog and reference all known specimens. With this authenticity method we can answer with certainty questions surrounding the production of the steel dies. Currently, I put forth the substation that George Washington inaugural celebratory buttons were produced either at Canon Gate Lodge in Scotland, or through Scottish Masonic business connections in England. This first step proves exacting metallurgical consistencies which place GWI buttons in a tightly dated time period, manufacturer location of the dies, and possibly known Artisan users of the same metal composition. 

     The second step in providing authenticity is the new ground breaking research in identifying Artist Engraver Marks, and researching the meanings behind placed hidden symbols. AEM has now been used for several years by my team at Isabela’s George Washington Inaugural buttons in illustrating intent, and meanings purposefully placed on the 1789 celebratory buttons.

     The engravers marks that are found in authentic 1789 GWI button specimens have eluded replication by all modern GWI forgeries. I believe with the combination of these two New authentication processes we can provide comfort the collecting community with assuredness. The process aim is too reduce the liability to both the seller and buyer in collecting and profit pursuits. Reputations are all good, but should not be used as an insurance policy in a world with high innovative technology. – Robert J. Silverstein

June 20, 2018

Below is my latest research – RJ. Silverstein

     Robert Scot was sent to America by several factions of Scottish Royal families as, “The International Guild President.” His authority would cover all practicing artisans being of all nationalities operating in the American colonies; as well as other European countries. Only Robert Scot was granted the Royal authority (and trained from childhood) to use the Scottish Royal Culture Symbols of the House of Stuart in the commissioned artistry he produced. Accompanying this authority is the right to use Royal religious symbol “E” which grants divinity from God.

     Meaning, their was a plan set in motion to infuse Scottish Royal Culture into the U.S. Federal System. This newly introduced insignia which originates in the history of Scottish Royal culture will act as the official authoritative backing in country affairs with foreign nations. So, using his platform in America Very Discreetly working as the official International Artisan Guild President, he was able to successfully wield his influence behind the scenes of well known artisans that provided the foundation artwork for America’s insignia and long list of other official state relics through Congressional Committees.


The Silverstein Proposition: George Washington felt “Obligated” to become America’s first President not because of his love for the people, but because Prince Edward Stuart died in 1788. George Washington personal life was submerged in generational traditions of Scottish Royal culture. His relationships through Scottish Masonic Lodges who adhered to Strict Observance was his obligation, not the common person. The Zoroastrian Phoenix which transformed into an Eagle is where divine authority originates and this symbol belongs to Prince Edward Stuart. Born on December 31st 1720 in Italy on the new year his birth song celebrated by the Pope Cement XI was the Phoenix. This Transformational Phoenix was worn on Washington’s earliest Commander & Chief’s uniform in 1775. Meaning, this was his army, and his Scottish noble Jacobites out of power were the true movement behind America’s cause. 

Allusion:  Look at the button above, those are the “Sons of Liberty” stripes on the Bonnie Prince’s Zoroastrian insignia. George Washington carried this Zoroastrian Crest first in the Revolution when it broke out in 1775. Then 12 years later with the death of the Bonnie Prince in 1788, Robert Scot skillfully transformed their Zoroastrian Phoenix into the American Eagle. This placed Robert Scot into the position to also graft the Kings Right of Sovereignty ” E,” and through the allusion technique lay it into the foundation of the Grand Architects Design for our government,- NOT into George Washington’s family. This is supported by the infusion of the letter “E” into 18th century governmental insignia and state relics which were created by the same Philadelphia artisans under Robert Scot’s Masters authority. 

Why I Love Buttons: George Washington’s Gilt  Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle Uniform button he wore as Commander and Chief would be the earliest rendition of the Great Seal of the United States!  With Gary Gianotti’s irrefutable evidence that Robert Scot was the International Artisan Guild President directly from Scotland, he had behind the scenes influence and was behind the symbolism of the Scottish crown, and influence behind the Great Seal Design within Congressional Committees. This button engraved by Robert Scot to be worn by George Washington ended up being transformed into America’s Eagle, The Great Seal of the United States!

February 2018

Welcome and thank you for sharing part of your day with my insights and thoughts of America and the buttons that hold the mysteries to our country and the enlightened Revolutionaries that turned into Visionaries. First, I would like to welcome Lt. Col. Robert Milburn. He will be opening up a section specifically geared for people who enjoy the mysteries of 18th & 19th Century backmarks. This section is more geared as a forum to improve people’s understandings into origins of Civilian buttons. Second, I would like to welcome Rick Lissy to the ranks. He will be providing information in our American Revolutionary War section. So great buttons with a mix of history. Dale and I will continue our work into the Enlightened Revolutionaries and opening the much anticipated Rattlesnake section. For George Washington’s 286th Birthday on the 22nd, I opened up 2 new reading sections, one on Sons of Liberty, and one on George Washington’s General and Commander & Chief Eagle Button. 

GWI 13-B 34.07mm Gilt Brass

1792/5 Rattlesnake Button

January 2018


Well still working and happy to announce I am 60% way through the rattlesnake section. Seems to be easier for me, but formulating the painting takes time. I am slowly revamping sections like Dr. Benjamin Franklin links at top and so forth. Please revisit the sections, you might be surprised of the difference. I was able to add a very Rare Rattlesnake button made in 1792 for the British War of 1812-1815. Yup, 15 rattles and this snake is a identical to the Scottish right flag held in Grand Lodge in Pennsylvania. Good news is I am able to date the buttons. Once believe all for Revolutionary War, but carried on. Will give definitive proof. I am also humbled and Proud at same time that 396 people came for answers Sunday Jan 28th. increasing yearly count from last 12 months of 64,380 button collectors. Thank you I am truly humbled!



Hello, and welcome back to a Great New Year! I am happy to finally give all the answers to all the GWI & NNT button collectors. I have been working with Dale non-stop behind the senes to bring our research to you so you can enjoy the hobby to it’s fullest. I have made some changes already in several sections and will be working with new material all over. I will be concentrating on the Rattlesnake button and the hidden meanings behind it, and intent behind using the symbol. So, I will be re-writing that section completely in new few weeks. We might have inadvertently enlisted the help from a metal detector enthusiast who will be able to provide and furnish his contributions to the Rev War button section. I am going to tackle this unlike anything before in the sections. We are going to bring some history behind each button with social contexts. So, i am kind of excited at this prospect. Dale and I also opened up a fake button section. Please look here. This is for the love of our hobby and educate you immediately. Just last month, Auction houses were selling fake GWI as real even though wee presented Evidence. Money Changers and are killing the hobby. So, look around and i believe you will spot differences + new finds!



December 2017

Hello Robert; the button was found in a field in the island of Ré off La Rochelle (port city to the monument of the seventeenth century). The land of the island is mainly composed of sand, my detector is set to find gold so I do not go very deep, about 10 cm! The condition is good, the coins and buttons are usually in good condition!


November 2017



October 2017


GWI 23-B 13.84mm
Silvered Copper 

I decided to get back to work on the site everyday yesterday amending and correcting. I have been working on button connections with NNT insignia as Point of Origin. So, without a box, the quick of it with just 2 early insignia design buttons. Grass roots stuff from NNT buttons which leads directly to early Official Diplomat country establishment then toward military button insignia with give’t authority. There is a normal flow if one looks at the Artisans bigger picture I will detail it one day for the people that just realized this. Below is a specimen. For my critics, I need to confirm prior to 1792. Then I am Golden! So, take a shot of whiskey and listen up.

Does anyone have information on the button below, please email me directly. These 2 unknowns would be the logical predecessor. Both buttons are not in any books. This new puzzle is for the advanced 18th century collector for eagle insignia. But there is a diagram with them and NNT buttons from 1850’s.. This diagram can be found on the website. If your an O.D. collector as myself, draw your own conclusions from the noted insignia. Collectors could note the absence of the top horizontal stripe. The Scottish Artisans did not know the intent of what the horizontal line means. The President / Commander & Chief over 13 states/Congress. I add up a lot of time clues here. Height of the wings was moved higher on the body, and legs more Eagle like. Time clue again? If i step back a button, we can see this win 1789, with War Cry with a flailing beak of NNT? Almost like Isabela’s War Eagle GWI 25.. So, in conclusion, Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, come inside, and get your clues until i die.



September 2017

This is Isabela’s 8th Birthday Present this year
( I wish I could be alive just to see what she gets for this in the future)

A 1789 George Washington Inaugural GWI 4-A 34.27mm Gilt Brass Orig. Shank

GWI 1-C R-6
American Made
Lathe Turn Reverse
Masonic Lodge?

Collector’s notes: So far, I have collected, and identified American engraved Sub-Variants of all most every GWI pattern. Even though more then one sub-variant can exist for a particular pattern, I have found evidence that certain ones contain Scottish-Rite, Roman, and Religious symbols. There is a historical puzzle which must be framed properly to tell the hidden story not seen by all. I must take the time out to properly diagram and reference the “Allusions” for later collectors. -RJ. Silverstein

Sept 2017 

GWI 17-A
Roman Style Laurel Wreath W/ Star

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

January 2017 

GWI 7-A 32.7mm
31 Hex. / 33 Pyramid 

February 22, 2017

Nice fresh dig in New Hampshire, Continental Navy Button. Good job Shane!!

February 21, 2017

My theory is that this is not a 1st issue or even the original 1808 prototype for the RR Script pattern. This button is actually a cross design between the original Script 1808, and the later 1809 foliated pattern. Here is my thinking: Crumpton was already making this pattern for the U.S. military in 1808. There had to have been some kind of premises for a military expansion for him to put a “1” on a button. Since no other specimens were found at 1812-1815 war sites, we know this button was made in very limited numbers prior to the War of 1812-15. As a good businessman Crumpton probably had the foresight or information that the U.S. Army would possibly or eventually add more Regiments of Riflemen. If you go before 1808, the U.S. Army designated these soldiers as Dragoons. I understand there is a difference between dragoons and riflemen, but only on a battlefield. Riflemen were mounted sharpshooters and would dismount, while mounted dragoons rode right into the enemy line shooting and swinging their swords. It is unknown to me at this time if this pattern comes in both a coat and cuff size. What is needed for my study is a number “2” or “3” button. This information would pinpoint the buttons conception date. So, my main questions are, was there ever more then a 1st regt. of riflemen prior to 1812 war, and if so, what year did this military expansion take place for an additional designated button number?

Jan 29, 2017 

Adding Buttons to GWI 20, GWI 15, 2-GWI 27, 

Jan 28, 2017

Official Diplomat Buttons OD 5-D, OD 9, OD 9Av.  OD 16 / Registered GWI 9 “The Brisley” / 3 new GWI 15 buttons added / 

Jan 27, 2017 

Section GWI 22 With 4 buttons is open in Draft / GWI 23 Section is open in Draft with 11 Specimens / GWI 27 is now open / All GW Sections are open in Draft to the Public!!! Will start adding metal detector specimens in all buttons starting tomorrow with earliest submissions. 

Jan 26, 2017 

GWI 20, GWI 21, GWI 25, GWI 26 Sections are now open in draft. 

Jan 25, 2017

Worked on Section GWI 17 all day, and was able to open the Section with 35 buttons!!! / GWI 17 & GWI 18 & GWI 19 Sections are Open in Draft / 

Jan 24, 2017 

added “3” GWI 10-B buttons to section / Worked on GWI 10 Opening Intro. / Rough-Drafted Intro and Opened the GWI-9 & GWI 13 Sections.  for 1st Time on this websites new platform> since in 2013 / Listed 35 GWI 9 Buttons & 9 GWI 13 variants. No Scottish Culture Work at this point, just want to open All GWI the sections with known specimens.

Jan 23, 2017

Worked on GWI 10 Section – Collector’s should note, GWI 9, “The Dotted Script GW Monogram” & GWI 10 share the same concentric ring pattern design platform. The three distinct differences are: GW monogram’s font, legend symbols, and legend font. 

Jan 22, 2017

1816 Ind. Corps of Cadets MS 116a.1 / 1808-15 Federal Artillery Officer AY 19-C / Rough-Drafted and Opened the GWI-5 & GWI 10 Sections for 1st Time on this websites new platform design from 2014. This will NOT have any Scottish Allusions described in these early drafts. Just known specimens are depicted. 

Jan 21, 2017  

Welcome Back Button Friends! Only Appropriate i start the new year off with the appropriate button. A newly discovered un-dug GWI 7-A. This makes the 3rd newly discovered GWI 7-A, i have been able to introduce into the button community within the last 6 months. The variety maintains an R-6 Rarity Rating, but the sub-variant classification keeps specific sub varieties at R-7.  Happy Birthday Dad! Jan 21,1928. Happy Birthday Mom! January 18,1930. Always over my shoulder with guidance and love.   

Button posts: GWI 7-A /

Unknown King & Constitution “Royal Navy” Button 

December 2016

Federal Dragoon Officers Button
4 Known 2 Dug S.C. / 1-V.T. / 1-Un-Dug

December 2016

November 2016 


November 16, 2014  

worked more on GWI 3

November 14, 2016

I wrote down my thoughts on GWI 3’s symbolism in relation to the Bonnie Prince. I would say it is in “Working Draft” Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I liked writing it. 


November 1, 2016 

Thanks everyone for all the emails in the last 5-6 months. I appreciate all the new digger finds .. especially the great pictures sent in for Button “ID”. To all readers, symbol and button questions are always welcome. Also, I will get some of these great button pictures up for viewing you sent in. Business does slows up for me in the winter season. So, I will go back to my GWI Button Research in relation to symbol history and the cultures their associated with.

July 2016

1816 Massachusetts Independence Corps of Cadets 24.58mm Gilt Brass Albert's MS 60 RV 35 RJ Silversteins O

1816 Massachusetts Independent Cadets
Monstrat * Viam, “He shows the way”

 June 2016


Official Diplomatic Service Button
Unlisted French Pattern Variation

June 20, 2016

OD 18 / OD 20 / OD 26-B / OD 26 Transitional Unlisted Button.

June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day / OD 18 / A New Section on 2016 Presidential Candidate Buttons / I want to thank William Leigh for a nice day at the Sturbridge Massachusetts Antique and Armory Show. After taking a 2 month break it was refreshing to re-energize myself again with someone who is extremely knowledgeable. Also, I would like to thank everyone for sending in button pictures for me to post. Please be patient, this is my busy season at work and my time is very limited. I have more then 20 of my own rare buttons I haven’t even posted. Also, several of you have written in on the George Washington Spy button sections. Yes, I am nearly finished with my research and it is a top priority, will re-open soon. Again, thanks for all the kind emails on my website’s library. I am sorry i haven’t written back to some of you, but will soon.  God Bless America!

May 2016


General Nathan Green Society of Cincinati Badge RJ Silverstein's O

General Nathanael Greene Society of Cincinnati Membership Medal

May 3

Top Link 20 Years of Natures Best Wild life Photos from Smithsonian / General N. Greene’s Society Badge under Rattlesnake section.

April 2016

George Washingtons 1767 Silver Hilted Smallsword O

George Washingtons 1767 Silver Hilted Small sword

 April 17, 2016

General Button Section Added 10 New French General Buttons /  French 64th Metropolitan Artillery Regt.

April 12, 2016

I added a New Revolutionary War button quiz under the Snap Shots Tab located in the Top Bar on the Home page. There are now 3 quizzes, Good Luck!

April 11, 2016

Rattlesnake Section – New French Rattlesnake Pattern added with description. Will associate with French buttons soon. 

April 10, 2016

As part of promoting Patriotism and learning among my fellow button collectors, I added a New section under the Snap Shots Tab located in the Top Bar on the Home page. This is for Collectors to gauge themselves and learn America and button Trivia. These will not be easy quizzes, the point is to learn things you do not already know, So, I posted 2 quizzes to get your feet wet. One is on the American Flag, and one on the Constitution of the United States.

April 3, 2016

State Militia Section ME 258 A.1 / ME 260 A.1 / ME 260 As.1 / NY 256 / ME 200 As.2 / AK 200 A.1 / AK 200As.1 / 

April 2, 2016

State Militia Arkansas Introduction / General Anthony Wayne’s Legion Cuff Addition GI 24 Av.1 / French Revolution Section Section Addition- Buttons to come / 

April 1st 2016

I finalized most of the Draft Introduction on my Rattlesnake Buttons, & 1792 American Waynes Army buttons. Thank you for your patience until i got my thoughts & notes organized. I know sometimes my they are hard to decipher, but I am a one man band / Exciting new Rattlesnake information I found that can be direct evidence on the formal Masonic Lodge Dress Code that is derived from a hand written Secretary minutes book in 1775. This is a Scottish-Rite Masonic lodge on formal lodge business / A Special Thank You to Gary Embrey, who has helped with the library’s cause for accurate information and Graciously offered his Fallou Book as French Button identification. Will have Great Bone Back Buttons from Joe Curves French Collection to come very soon as time permits / Recommend all GW Collectors please read-up on GWI  7, some of my best works / Special Thanks to Metal Detector enthusiast Jim Baldwin! God Bless his continued photo’s contributions for the love of the hobby, and also finally selling me his ultra rare GI 24Av American Legion button / Also, Top Cudos to Metal Detector enthusiest and Masonic Brother Jeff Davidson! He deserves a Special Cheer for his button photo contributions, and his Gift to me of the Earliest NY State Rifleman’s Button that is known to Exist! I Want to Welcome all Metal Detector Button Finds, your photos contributions is what makes our Library Great to visit day after day, and great enjoyable place to learn, relax and have fun from life burdens. PLEASE SHARE, IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES AND IS MORE REWARDING TO BE A CONTRIBUTOR THEN A READER!  God Bless America, FEDERALISTS, Republicans, and of course Good Southern Whiskey…lol !


March 2016

March 26, 2016

2 new GWI 4-A’s / GWI 4-BSBV.2 / GWI 1-A / Rev War Section work under all Buttons / Finally got around to re-writing my Draft to my 1792 Wayne’s Legion section introduction / GI 24 Legion Button / GWI 11-B /

March 25, 2016

Started Re-organizing information in Revolutionary War Section to proper format. !dded 1777-81 Georgia 4th Regt. / Massachusetts Grand Army # 2 & # 8 Buttons /

March 18, 2016

GWI 16 is now closed until out of draft!

March 16, 2016

Re-write Jacobite Liberty Button / French Section: 7th, 18th, 85th, Infantry of the Line / James Madison Section / 13th Continental Regt. – Off Saratoga Jacket. – Need Rev War Button Photo Submissions!

March 15, 2016

State Miltia Section : CT 256 A.4 / GA 246 A.1 / NY 230A.1 / PA 203A.5 / PA 223 A.2 / PA 241A.1 / RI 201A.1 / RI 201A.2 / RI 236 A.1 / RI 251A.1 

March 14, 2016

State Militia Section NY 216 / PA 203 A.1 / A.2 / A.3 / AS.3 / PA 203 B.4 / PA 203 C.2 Thanks Roger.

March 13, 2016 – Wanted Collector Photo Submission for Continental & Rev War French Buttons – 

Thank you, Joe C. for your button contributions to the Library. I Give 5 Stars to the French General Collection, Amazing!

French Army 84th / 85th Regt. of the Line / 1775-1794 Two Types General Buttons / 1775-1774 Aide de Campe / General Section 3 French 2 British / French Navy 1820’s / Corrected Rifles Introduction / Home Page Militia Rifles Button / 1790’s NY State Militia Riflemen Button / 1770 South Carolina Mounted Dragoons / 1847 Voltigeurs. 

March 8, 2016

Official Diplomat OD 2-A Cuff / OD 23-A / French Army 13th Regt., 16th Regt., 51st Regt., 79th Regt., 80th Regt., Officer’s 80th Regt., Commissioned officers introduction.

March 7, 2016

1775 Massachusetts Grand Army “6” / 1776 4th Pennsylvanian Battalion / 1776 3rd Pennsylvania Battalion / 16th French Regt. of the Line / OD 6-A / More Work on GWI 7 Section.

March 6, 2016

State Militia Section Mass Buttons  MS 210 D.1 / F.3 / MS 284 A.1 / Florida 200 A.2 Variant / 1840 NY Cameron Highlanders. French Buttons. GWI 8 Button description re-writes and one GWI 8-A dug in jersey. 

March 5, 2015

Re-wrote Diplomatic Button descriptions & added OD 25 & 25 Cuff /  French Rev War Button Section added Officer buttons.

March 4, 2016

Upon request, i re-wrote the Jacobite Liberty button section /

March 3, 2016

GI r3R3 3rd Regt. Infantry / Official Diplomat OD 26-A / Official Diplomat OD 33 / Two New Sections Today on Home Page. First, is 18th & 19th Century General’s Buttons at Bottom of Page-Draft Form Only / Second, is French Revolutionary War Button Section-Draft Form, but several of my specimens. 

March 1, 2016

GWI 24-A Federal Eagle with Scottish Jewel Legend Indentees is Now Open To Public!! I will finish posting maker’s marks diagram after work. / Re Drafting Official Diplomat Button’s almost finished open to public.

February 2016


February 29, 2016


GWI & NNT Depictions Top Link I added A Page on the Slogan’s Christian Cross True Meaning.

February 26, 2016

GWI 6 is now open to public / GWI 7 is still working Draft, but open to public / Continental Navy Section ULTRA RARE 1767-1775 44th Regt. French Royal Vaisseaux- Coat & 2 Cuffs!!/ French Colonial Troops & Marines Cuff in awesome condition! /

February 25, 2016

Cleaned up my sloppy introductions and put them into proper sentences in Navy Sections / GWI 7 Button is a MUST READ for GWI Collectors / Working on Washington Spy Button Section 

February 22, 2016

Rhode Island Button Section in State Militia RI 221 A Unlist. B/M / 242 A.1 / RI 206 A.2 / RI 206 A.3 / RI 10

February 21, 2016

Spent the Day Creating Rhode Island Button Section in State Militia / Intro of State / RI 201 A.1 / RI 201 A.2 / RI 201 As.3 / RI 203 A.2 / RI 203 As.1 / RI 203 C.1 / RI 203 Cs.2 / RI 233 A.1

February 20, 2016

Maine State Militia MS 212Cs.1 / ME 100 A.1 11mm Star Gilt Brass / ME 100 B.6 8mm Star Silver Plated / 1790’s NY State Militia NY o35 / 1790’s NY 8R1 Hand engraved / NY 100 A.6 / 

February 19, 2016

State Militia Section Massachusetts MSO 32A.1 1800-25 / MS 110B.1 / MS 222A.2 / MS 224 As.1 / MS 202Cs.1 / MS 202C.1 / Work on Washington Spy button section Rest of night. 

February 18, 2016

Working on 1789 Madison & Constitution Prototype button section, This section will be now Open in DRAFT ONLY framework. Will show 3 of the 5 known dug specimens. This button should be viewed as the earliest Madison Celebratory button or a New Nation Tribute button ( in praising the Constitution)  just as GWI  2, 15, 16, 26 should be. There appears to be some circumstantial evidence by dug location of New York being the Provenance. 

March the Fourth 1789 Madison & Constitution 33.86mm Copper Orig Shank RV 6 3 Known RJ Silverstein's WoodThe Isabela Collection
33.89mm Copper

February 17, 2016

Added more information to GWI 7, still in Draft, but progressing nicely, Started Re-writing George Washington Spy button with new value added document. Section will be closed for a week. 

February 16, 2016

Alabama & Connecticut Section Introd. / CT 205As.1 / CT 205 B.3 / 

February 15, 2016

GWI 7 is now open to the public in Draft Form, I will try to finish it soon. NA 241 A.1 US Navy Section / 

Ellen Grist Register’s the “Brisley,” {9} with Washington Inaugural Button Society on March 23, 1944. George Washington Crosses the Floating Bridge, Gray’s Ferry on his Journey through Philadelphia on April 20th, 1789.

GWI 9-A The Brisley

 February 13, 2016

Good Morning, Today I raised to Master Mason in Hudson River Lodge 309. I wanted to share the 1790’s Scottish-Rite Mason button that was dug in Strawbridge, MA. The Scottish-Rite Mason button section is coming along, but at a slower pace since i am a 1-Man Band. You will enjoy this more then my re-writes of the GWI & NNT buttons. Enjoy the day, God Bless your family, and  America!

 1790's-1800 Masonic Button 14mm Gilt Brass Dug Strawbridge MA Dug Mike Moran Jan 3, 2016 RJ Silverstein's O

February 12, 2016

Louisiana State Militia LA 249 E.1 New Orleans Local / NY State Militia NY 040-A.1 / NY 100A Unl. Backmark / NY 228-Al.1 / NY 230-A / NY 238-A.2 / NY 47th Regiment Staff -Awesome! / 

February 11, 2016

Milita Rifles RM 181 Unlisted Floral Backmark / New York State Militia AY 100 A.9 / NY 115 A.1 / NY 200 A.1 / NY 200 B.1 / NY 209 C.1 / NY 210 B.2 / NY 210 I.1 / NY 211 / NY 18 A.2 / NY 208As.2 / 


February 10, 2016

Alabama Vol. Corps AB 212 A.3 / AB 216 A.1 / AB 218 A.1 / Re-Visited Long Live The King & King & Constitution Section to properly write both introductions. / GWI 8 Arrow Tip legend answer.

February 9, 2016

Louisiana State Militia Section LA 203 A.1 / LA 203 A.3 / LA 204 A.2 / LA 204 As.2 / LA 210 A.1 / LA 220 A.6 / 1830’s Main State Militia ME 100 G.1 / ME 100 Gs.1 / ME 100 Hs.2 / Rest of night working on Scottish-Rite tie-ins W/ GW’s.

February 8, 2016

Worked on sites FTP for Loading faster images / Home Page Re-Write / Federal Infantry AY 199 D.5  1830’s/ Federal Infantry AY 199 D.5 / Federal Dragoons “Gilt Beauty” DR 215 A.20 / Working on GWI 7 & GWI 24 Masonic information hopefully open by Friday / 

Federal Eagle W/ Phrygian Cap image1

February 7, 2016

Finished Final Draft of NNT 2 Button Section at 1pm- Yes finally! Hope you like it! / Worked on GWI 7 Section all day and night / 

February 6, 2016

I posted 4 new NNT 2 A & B Specimens (2 more on the way) Raising total specimens known to 12 / Re-wrote NNT 2  button sectional information / Recent Email : Is there enough George Washington inaugural & New Nation Tribute buttons for someone to start collecting? YES! People often change collectable interests and sell their examples. Plus metal detector enthusiasts are constantly digging lost buttons. I will be focusing on all GW Sections in upcoming weeks, and providing newly recorded specimens for the library. Good Night America, God Bless!

February 4, 2016

GWI 15-A / GWI 15 Section re-write / GWI 1-B (One of the top 5 Best Specimens) / 

February 01, 2016 

VT 235 Ds.1 / CT 265 A.1 / ME 270 A.1 / ME 270 A.2 / VT 235 F.1 / 

Hand Engraved Federal Patriot Button 32mm Gold Wash orig shank hakes auction 13 dots, 82 border indentees 4 arrows

1801 or 1809 Folk Art New Nation Tribute Button

Hello Robert—someone sent me a link to upcoming XXXX button auction. Lot 51 is described as Centennial issue. Could that be? -Ted Hake

This is the site—there is a box “FEBRUARY AUCTION” click on that and go to #51. Item looks to me like 1789, but someone is telling me “expert” Jimmy HXXXX says this is 1889 centennial and that is how they have it attributed in this auction. –Ted Hake

Hi Ted,
Let me give you my professional opinion for what it is worth. I am probably not as smart as your GW expert, but i will give it a try…lol. The button was most likely made by an entered apprentice into the engraving business, possibly a Freemason in New York. The button is hand-cut (etched) directly on the planchet itself, and was not cut out of a steel die hub as all the 1789-97 New Nation Tribute or George Washington Inaugurals. Centennial issues would have been machined easy by 1889, also making it less likely this would have been custom ordered, made for, or sold on the market for profit. From the existing “6” i know of, we can see they are all different. No two are the same. We see a different number of arrows, numbers for border indentees, and also slightly different depictions of the U.S. Great Seal. Which is further proof they were not mass manufactured and then stamped from a single steel die for centennial issue. Otherwise we would have multiple buttons with exact same imprint. Another piece of evidence is the picture from the 1784 St. Pauls Cathedral. This painting was done by a Master Mason Artisan for tribute to the New Country’s Federal motif. Here we see the same tribute to our new nation with the morning glory above. This painting kind of further supports my theory 1st that the button was NOT done by a master artisan, 2) it’s a tribute to our New Nation under a New Federal Government. This button was most likely made by an apprentice who is not of the era’s working guild. Any commission work done by a guild / Master Mason Artisan would show much higher caliber work detail. All these button’s depictions are Crude in all illustrations. An important note: There is nothing on these button that is tributary to George Washington! This is NOT a George Washington inaugural button, but a New Nation Tribute button. All i see is tribute to the New Federal Government, and nothing to Washington. From the stars, arrows, morning glory, and to the Great Seal. This would be an Anniversary of 1801 or 1809, the 25th Anniversary of the American Revolution – 1776. 1801 is my first pick, 1809 possibly, but i do not believe so. There is NO earlier Date that would work either. Even in 1797, Washington’s last year term or at his death in 1799/1800, the real ones would still have been easily attainable by garment makers or Jewelry shops. Meaning, plenty of real ones to be around. These “Folk Art” buttons were made probably by one person for a few of his friends. Maybe his lodge Brothers to show how he is advancing in the craft? The creator can only be speculation. Also, forget about that story, this is not made for some sentimental NY General who served under Washington and had them custom made by a jeweler to show his patronage /allegiance. The workmanship is to crude for men of distinction to wear this crude portrayal. So, that legend is a story by profiteers. So, every auction listing in history has mis-identified these buttons. I do not think it was intentional, but there is many so-called auction experts in the pursuit of profit. 

Your Good, Friend Robert J. Silverstein

1784 St.Pauls Chapel Painting in NYC GW's Church above his pew R Scot:Thackera,Allerdice, Shallus o 2

January 2016


January 31, 2016

Massachusetts French Issue 1860-61 MS218 B.1 / MS 218 As.1 / PA 83rd Regt. Vol. PA 235 B.1 / PA 235 As.1 / Drafting Louisiana Introduction / ME 100 A.2 / ME 100 B.3 / ME 100 F.5 / ME 100 E.3 / ME 100 H.2 Flower Variant / Finished All Maine Button Description Drafts. 2 More GWI 7 buttons surfaced lowering it to an R 6!! Long Live The King Section Re-opened – Night All.

January 30, 2016

Vermont Militia VT 035-GW Officers / VT 105 A.2-Rare / The Vermont Introduction Heading / VT 230 B.1 / VT 230 C.1 / fixed grammar throughout site.  Looking for positive identification on this button: Please email thoughts: Please don’t say 1836-40 Republic of Texas Navy unless you have some information i would not be privy to. I would like to list it as a “Local” Replacement for the 1836 order, but desperately need real confirmation by a collector with strong knowledge. TEXAS buttons usually carry a premium, and my knowledge is limited to make that conclusion. Welcome discussion. Possibility, and thoughts- Maine or Foreign Military button. Thanks Goodnight Rob

1826-40 Texas Navy 26mm Gilt Brass Orig Shank Dug Stan Glanzer from Galveston Bay in 70's RJ Silversteins O 1826-40 Texas Navy 26mm Gilt Brass Orig Shank Dug Stan Glanzer from Galveston Bay in 70's RJ Silversteins R 

January 29, 2016

Alabama State Militia Buttons AB 216 A.1 / AB 214 As.3 / AB 252 A.1 / AB 200 A.2 / AB 200 A.1 / AB 200 As.1 / Vermont Militia 1855-60’s VT 230 A.3/ VT 230 A.6 / VT 235 As.4 / VT 235 As.3 / 

January 28, 2016

1812 Mass. Militia MSO 38A.1-Plate Book Specimen / 

January 27, 2016

1807-25 Royal Navy Senior Gunner’s or Napoleonic Coastal Artillery Button / Pennsylvania Militia PA 235B.1 / Vermont Militia 1810-23 VT 100 A.4 / 

January 26, 2016

GWI 12-D Tinned or Silvered Copper / Dave Wise Collection of 11 Dug GW Buttons /

January 25, 2016

Connecticut Militia CT O5O / CT 250 /

January 24, 2016

GWI 1-B Dug / Ultra Rare 13 Star rattlesnake “Cuff” variant / 1837 Texas TX 204 A / VA 105 F.1-Rare / South Carolina SC 248-A.10 / 

December 2015


December 13, 2015

Diplomatic Relations Begin


December 12, 2015

Posted some 1789, “Un-Dug” Long Live King Buttons. Beautiful Silver and Gilt. I have 2 for sale, if any interest in purchasing one, please drop me an email. Un-dug specimens are the rarity.


November 2015

Gee I Wish I Were A Man by wolfjedisamuel O

November 21, 2015

GWI 11-A Provenance to Betsy Ross /

November 13, 2015 


November 11, 2015

Happy Vertrans Day

November 8, 2015

GWI Section Work /

November 1, 2015 

The Elusive GI 41-A Pewter W/ Iron Shank / 1800 New Hampshire Artillery / New Jesuit Button Section at bottom of home page /

October 2015


October 26, 2015

I would like to thank Tim Myers for having me at the NY’s Empire State Metal Detecting Club. I would invite any button or metal detecting organization within reasonable distance to solicit my time because i enjoy giving speeches on America’s Most Historical Buttons and their engravers. This makes the 4th time I was asked to give a lecture this year, and am grateful to do my part in promoting Patriotism to our younger generation! God Bless America! 

October 25, 2015

Official Diplomat OD 19 / Both OD 17 write up complete / Royal Navy Greenwich Hospital Service /

October 24, 2015

GWI 1 Section is open to the Public in DRAFT FORM / GWI Home Page Top Links Added New Freemason Link to Buttons-Draft Form Only 

October 20, 2015

OD 17 Variation / Worked on GWI Section to open Publicly. 

October 19, 2015

Militia North Carolina Pine Tree 2nd specimen / 

October 18, 2015

GI 34 8-A / GI 53 R21 / GI 32 Rc6c / 1776 NC 3 Unlisted Dome version with serifs / GWI 1-A-26 / 1786-95 Royal Navy Button Rare Stipple Pattern / 1775-75 Pennsyl. 2nd Battalion / 1776 Penn. 4th Battalion / 1776 Pennsylvania State Rifle Regt / 1776 CT 4th Regt / 1776 South Carolina 5th Regt. / South Carolina “long” Leg Bone / OD 1 Dug Superb Cond. /1776-1777 3rd Battalion Pennsylvania / Washington’s 5th Continental Regt / 1776 2nd Regt. South Carolina /


October 12, 2015

OD 7 / 2 variations of OD 11 /

October 11, 2015

 Today’s Buttons: 2- 1820 Marine Corps Buttons MC 2 & 3 / 1799 Ultra Rare Continental Artillerist 2nd Regt. “Cuff” Button (ever hear or see one?, let me know by email) / GWI 14 Section is now Open to the Public with the Introduction of Two Variations lost to history / A beautiful un-dug GWI 1-A with Provenance to Rev. War Soldier “Jesse Lewis” / An un-dug GWI 11-A / Official & Diplomat Button OD 27 / 1790 Gilt King & Constitution / 1774 -87 Royal Navy or American Navy Captain Gilt Chain Button / Re-write home page / Started writing a Speech on GW’s for the North Eastern NY Metal Detector Club’s Meeting on Oct 25th. 

August 2015

1917 howard chandler christy navy recruiting poster Gww I Wish I were A Man, I'd Join The Navy O

August 15, 2015

In the Isabela’s Collection Section there is an UNKNOWN SUB-VARIANT GWI 14-B. This button was just added to Isabela’s collection with due thanks to Tim Myers the digger. He is a metal detector enthusiast in upstate NY and club affiliated. His new find is a sub-variant of GWI 14 that has a “Reeded Edge.” The only other GW inaugural button with close to reeding (beading) is pictured in both of A. Albert’s books. The GW hand engraved Portrait (WI 26/27). For serious collectors, you should note, that I have determined there are “3” UNKNOWN Sub-variants to GWI 14. All 3 have “Different Borders” other then colonial. The GWI 14- C Diamond Border Variant will be pictured when I open the section to the public.  The Mason Button Section is now closed to public for a week. I want to link their button association in the proper light and relationships to GWI. I will try to finish this section finally by next week with A few Examples. 

August 4, 2015 

Top Link Under Scottish Royalty & Jacobite Themed Engravings: Draft of Sir Robert Strange’s Scrolling Art Work / Continental Navy Button W/ Chain Link 1774-87 / 

July 2015


 July 21, 2015

I wanted to introduce a cross over from Scottish Heraldry to American Native Indians by Robert Scot. Under GWI & NNT Depictions I posted my DRAFT paper on Pine Tree Symbol from Glasgow Cathedral.

July 20, 2015

Robert’s Personal notes: I found Dale’s point well taken about the pit fall in the Fredericksburg, VA Lodge Jacobite movement after the Bonnies Death in 1788. Maybe having a long list of officers, 5 Jacobite Generals and 2 Presidents who acted as the strong arms of the Revolutionary War would just would fade away into a democratic government several years later. Also, i believe if cause-activist Hugh Mercer with his strong roots from Culloden was still around after the war things might have been different in the New Republic that was about to shape. I believe Washington would have used Mercer’s council after the war. But one thing is for certain, the Jacobite Artisans controlled a key-part of the American business infrastructure. Their need to control the government was really a mute unprofitable venture. So, there was really no need to, there influence was through Jacobites Lodges and aristocratic families of power. Robert Scot and his Philadelphia engravers held the Aristocratic Class Stature and were extremely Gifted Artists in the art of engraving and painting. So, they were the direct beneficiaries of the New American Government Money Machine for official artwork for both Federal and State. Along with the private sectors commissioned work this created an overflow of demand for talented Artisan engravers. As mentioned, I see this as a key element for strengthening the economy in the business infrastructure, or the first ATM Machine of commerce stemming from engraved items. Items like, “money plates, government insignias, Official Dept. Seals, Seals for, Maps, currency plates, ect…” These Philadelphia Artisans were not starving artists by any means. They were prominent members of the wealthy Americans Genteel Class that was highly educated, and kept in their own circles of political and social views. Often times through Freemason Lodge Associations and their Churches. They can be viewed as a tight knit brethren that shared their Loyalty to the Scottish Royal families. They were well educated in their Scottish Royal family heraldry, and knew how to manipulate their Art underneath all this new American patriotic symbols. So, the real question is where is that wealth directed? Why would President W. in 1922, say the strongest lines in America have deep Scottish roots? I’ll tell you why without the dance down history, We are suppose to see what were suppose to see. Who’s Country is this?

 July 19, 2015

Worked on the Pine Tree symbol depiction with some cross reference to indian peace medals and Scots under NNT depictions top link section.  Doolittle sections open to public, but still in Draft. Flag section will be up as soon as license for image comes in. 

July 16, 2015

Added “Three” New Sections to the Website: 1st new addition in American “Do Not Tread On Me” Flags. This is in Draft form and should be completed tonight with any luck. Then I added Two New Amos Doolittle Sections. The First is going to be a break down in the symbols of the Linking States in his Display of America Engraving. The Second, is a REAL SPECIAL TREAT. For the first time in History we are showing the Re-Discovered Plates of Amos Doolittle and Showing his maker’s Marks and Hidden Symbols. Gary and I have completed our work for our client and will be posting our finding within the next 2 days. Very Very Exciting. 

July 13, 2015

Hey everyone, I know a lot of you have been checking my website for updates, and feel I have been lagging, but to the contrary I have been writing my GW button Book highlighting all the Scottish symbolism cloaked in American Patriotism. Gary and I finally solved the Mystery of who, and when Patriot Rattlesnake buttons were made. We will be able to show concrete evidence with the engraver’s makers marks and all the hidden Scottish Royal symbols. Please go to that section and scroll down to our work and you will be delighted to see our concrete evidence. Other projects in the works is how we will be able to link the 1st Battalion Westmoreland Flag’s history, but to Benjamin Franklin through his sister’s marriage. I will also give clear cut evidence that it was not made in 1775 as people thought, but 1791. Dale joined in and highlighted some embossed Scottish Cathedral symbols from 12th century. So be prepared on our paper how we link several flags to the snake symbolism and meanings.  Remember, all of these relics from GW Buttons to Flags have tribute to Scottish Royal Families cloaked in American Patriotism. 

May 2015


May 15, 2015 

French Rev War Button /  King & Constitution depiction / Royal Navy Commission Officers.

May 03, 2015

American Continental Army Mass Button Bone Back / Scottish Mourning button 

April 26th, 2015

King & Constitution Silvered Specimen / 2 Mason Related Buttons in that New Section / 

April 24, 2015 

Working on Final Draft of Scottish Royal Liberty Button / 1790 Mason fraternity Button in new section heading /

April 23, 2015

King & Constitution Button Gaelic Script Banner Description /1790’s-1815 King & Constitution button with the EYE OF PROVIDENCE !! / 

April 22, 2015

Ultra Rare 4th Rifles Militia Button in Rifles Section / King & Constitution Irish Inaugural Size Button-Draft Release / GWI Depiction links at the top >Heraldic Eagle With Estoile / King & Constitution English Tribute Button / 

April 20, 2015

3 new GWI 11 Additions, 1 GWI 4-A Addition, 

April 19, 2015 

 Sunday Puzzle: I hid a Picture of Isabela holding a real George Washington Spy button made by Robert Scot & Francis Shallus within the web site. This would be a Tribute to French, not Scottish like other specimen. FIND IT! The you may email me any questions giving your answer first. GWI 12 is open to the public in 1st Draft form / Top Link Flat Hat Club- Robert Scot Snake Monograms.

April 17, 2015

Re-wrote and made final draft for King & Constitution buttons, / Jacobite Fan under my Scottish Royalty & American Jacobite Section. 

April 16, 2015

Another die variant for continental navy Button French Design.

April 15, 2015

New Nation Tribute 31 Section Box – Re-discovered !! By Shane & Ray- We Dig History! W. Legion Infantry GI 24 Av Cuff / 

April 14, 2015

 Washington Jacobite Spy Button Paper Presentation at Abraham Staats House- General Frederich Von Steuben’s House where he drilled Washington’s soldiers in 1778-1779. Presentation of Makers of Rattlesnake and GW buttons to (2) Masonic Lodges / King & Constitution Button/ IP Recorder for Screen  Picture image & information stealing. -feel free to try and take a web screen picture, or steel any images out of the websites sections. Your IP will be RECORDED then blocked and Barred upon 1 minute investigation of who you are and your address!

April 11, 2014

 Fredericksburg Masonic Lodge that Made the Rattlesnake buttons & Evidence / The Truth Behind King & Constitution Buttons & What They Really Are & How Many Types/My New Section American Scottish Undercurrent Themed Memorabilia Section/ First U.S. Map

April 10, 2015

 Two Florida Buttons / Cont. Army USA Pattern / Newport Tower & 2nd Great Seal under Ancient Depictions / FD 3 Revenue Cutter Service / US Infantry 14th Regt R 53 14-B

April 9, 2015

DRAFT Release that Robert Scot who was Commissioned to engrave the GW inaugural Buttons> GWI Makers section. I will release Fellow Craft Artisan apprentice names over the next few weeks

April 8, 2015

Two George Washington Mourning Button Additions / Scottish King Tribute Button at bottom of page/ Rattlesnake button research on French Makers.

This site is visited by 18th Century Button and Engraved Artifact hobbyists from all over the world. This is a fact I am very proud of ! Literally, 4000 people a week spend time on this site in their pursuit of knowledge. I am now looking for 5 Star Generals to join this site as fully credited contributors. This is someone who feels their knowledge can expand and enhance this website to a new level. Our goal is to make this the Worlds Greatest 18th Century Button and Engraved Artifact Library. This is what I want, Someone who is an 18th Century WAR YEARS Button Collector to RUN their own section. A General is not an Average Collector, You must be on Top of Your Game, I mean over common collectors. Generals are individuals that have Complete, little or unknown knowledge and want to contribute in a big way to promote and help fellow collectors. As a General you will make a name for your self through your work and will be credited properly at all times. Other interests for sections include, Powder Horns, Buckles, Clasps, Leathers, Time Pieces, Seals, Money Plates, and Maps. Lastly, this should be thought of as a way to have fun in a new way in your specialized area of interest. Meaning just a few contributions a week or bi-weekly, take it slow and build something over time that you can look back on each year as a growing body of works. This is something a book could never offer. Once published under this site, it’s permanently credit to your name forever on all search engines!