Deciphering the Morning Glory
New Nation Tribute Buttons

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The New Republics Morning Glory

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       There is a beautiful thing about allusions. The intended recipients always receive the message clearly, there is no mistake about it’s intended meaning. The American Patriots from the Post-Revolutionary War, and their children’s children for more then 229 years will always see the allusion intended by the Enlightened Visionarier’s Scottish Master Artisan Robert Scot and his band of Philadelphia Artisans. The Artisans depiction of the Morning Glory is a positive aspirational message for the dreams of the New Republic. The artisans wanted to capture the hopes and dreams of all the patriots who sacrificed for the opportunity to have a country that offered unity, prosperity, and independence. The morning glory design was able to capture the true Spirit of 76 with this design. The true intended meaning the 13 Stars Arched over the Eagle’s head is representative of the 13 states which ratified the U.S.  Constitution, and united as one nation under God. By state unification America can rise up with the grace of God and take it’s place amongst the Constellations in the heavens as the other world nations did. 


ARS Notoria



       So, let’s have an ancient Egyptian story of the Early Dynastic of 3150-2686 or Old Kingdom of 2686-2121 BC, the early Bronze Age. The Notary art of Solomon notes that during Orations there are Special Magical Incantations which allowed the speaker to communicate directly with God. The purpose of which was to communicate with God directly hereby receiving divine knowledge of all the sciences and mathematics which would reveal all the wonders of nature, and the inner workings of everything in the universe. Hence, this is the Truth behind the Morning Glory. Understanding NNT 15’s Heavenly Swirls and Rays of Enlightenment through the 13 stars up to the Great Architect of the Universe. This is one of the deep seated meanings placed by the Council of Enlightened Visionaries by this purposeful placed symbol in reverence. This is what Dale and I believe. Without even asking him, I guess he would want me to throw-in the Valley Forge Prayer (“Truth”) with George Washington. 


       Dale mention to me some years back that the master builder for at least one pyramid would not reveal these words to his apprentices as they were not worthy or ready for such knowledge and they murdered him expo facto losing this knowledge forever of this special incantation. Other incantations were retained but this was lost forever.