Deciphering the Origins of the Estoile

The Divine Right to Rule On Washington’s Chosen Coat of Arms

     There are many theories and notions about the estoile star that is found on certain GWI buttons ( GWI 12, 13, and 24). The estoile on George Washington Inaugural buttons was placed on to symbolize heraldry. The term estoile refers to a wavy-sided star, usually six or eight rays. Through the centuries there have been many variations in it’s depiction. With our GWI buttons, we see the estoile star features both (alternating) straight and wavy rays. If we use a historical time line to frame out the origin and the use of the eight and six pointed star, we can conclude that the eight point star is much older. Originally, it was used by the ancient Sumerian goddess and Magi-Priests before the six ray star was used by the Romans. The ancient Sumerians belief and usage led into the use by the Zoroastrian Magi-Priests who believed that all human beings and their divinity to God originates from the Star Sirius.

     If we look back in history for star depictions in ancient civilizations, we find that they are comparatively rare in there use to promote European Royal family divinity or heraldry during the medieval period. So, to speed up the time line after this period, we first look at the old French estoile star that is derived from the Latin word, “Stella” which is in reference to the celestial heavens and their divinity relationship to God. This would be more inline with the jumping in point for our 18th century engravers and their intended use on the buttons. We look at the incorporation of 18th century Scottish & English symbols that is provided in a multi-layered allusion of the Eight Circling Eggs within the Estoile. The obvious would be the Birth of our Nation under God’s love and guidance. These eggs are a representation of the symbols that were used by the Scottish and English Royal Families to publicly illustrate their titles of Devine Authority over their country’s subjects. So, to add to another layer of Allusions, the eight point Estoile is a “Union” of England’s St. George’s Cross and Scotland’s Saint Andrew’s Cross. When both Crosses are combine together they make an 8 points union for these two countries. These eight points also can be called, “A UnionFlag.” 

So, when I say portrayal, I mean the engravers used a facade (A multi-layered allusion of meaning) of eggs as “Symbolic Points” to hide their true or multi-layered allusion meaning from the uneducated citizen. These celebratory buttons were not exclusively sold to a certain type of individual, but in-fact marketed for the common person who was a proud American Patriot. With that being said, they could not blatantly depict the cross of Saint George or St. Andrews on the country’s first buttons that were marketed to the citizenry with the underlying meaning to establish a new American heritage. So, the dots could have been used either of two ways. First, the Masonic Culture could have intentionally used their art and practice of multi-layered allusions that were masked in the new American insignia symbols so only other enlightened countrymen would understand the allusion; or they just did what is natural to their previous teachings and cultural beliefs. They could have simply drew upon their past art work, education, and the popular cultural motifs from past civilizations to create new America’s symbolism for a heritage base.



Pennsylvania’s Grand Mason Lodge Flag


     There is an earlier origination argument for the 8 Point Estoile. The symbol & meaning is originally derived from the ancient Mesopotamia basin with the city of Babylon. Early history teaches us about the Goddesses Inanna and the Ishtar Rose. Each held their celestial belief sacred, and used the 8 point star as their own divinity symbol to the populace. 

     After studying the guild’s art that is portrayed in the George Washington inaugural buttons, I have come to conclude that the guild members had  “Loyalty” to the old established Scottish Royal families. Some of these guild members were bloodline offspring who trained in specific crafts, art, and history. These teachings would include prominent religious, historical, and their own Royal family members who had hardships and plights. They incorporated both the earlier and later well known cultural symbols together with  Scottish Royal Culture to give meaning and heraldry to the various symbols on the buttons. For example above, we have an old 18th century Pennsylvania Grand Mason Lodge Flag, it clearly shows how Freemasons used cultural symbols from Inanna/Ishtar in their important creative works.  These Artisans were well educated and frequently used the ancient Ishtar/Inanna eight ray estoile type star. There is one pictured above the Transformational Phoenix / Dove / Eagle’s head, and there is also one reflected in the eye which could stand for a multi-layered allusion of their deep rooted beliefs. In this era, there was still an accepted conception among the citizenry that Royal families and their bloodlines have a divine right to rule. They were the ones privy to special cultural education and would have studied earth’s ancient history and the arts from birth. This celestial eight ray Estoile and Sun symbol represents that divinity tie to the people. 

     An alternate theory believes that the estoile is the reflection of the Jewish/Christian Bethlehem Star. This is known religiously as the Heralding or Christmas Star which is in reference to Jesus Christ’s birth. Christianity symbolizes the estoile star as, “God’s goodness, Divinity, or Superiority above men.”  This could possibly be a piece of the meaning for the intent on our George Washington inaugural buttons. This estoile symbol would be seen as George Washington’s Devine Right to Rule. 

     One has to take into account that the six ray estoile would represent Jesus rebirth which is a reflection of Constantine and the Romans. His faith would become a Christian branch of the Protestant faith, and his rebirth into the Judaeo-Christian open-mindedness of multicultural religious tolerance would symbolize his own resurrection. This could be seen as the bridge leading away from the earlier Sumerian belief use of the eight point star toward the use of a six point star with Jesus rebirth as a transformational foundation.



~ GWI 13-B W/ The Eight Point Estoile ~

     Inanna was the Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, and warfare. She was considered the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia approximately 4000 to 3100 BC. In the ancient city of Uruk, she was the goddess of the E-Anna temple. Inanna’s recognized symbol was an eight pointed star or rosette.





~ GWI 24-A W/ Eight Point Estoile ~

     Ishtar is the “Counterpart” to the Sumerian Goddess Inanna. She was the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of love, war, and sex. Ishtar was particularly worshipped in Northern Mesopotamia in the cities of Nineveh, Ashur, and Arbela. Her recognized symbol was also the eight pointed star.







The Arms of the Realm and Ancient Local Principalities of Scotland

     Henry Stuart aka Lord Darnley was the Earl of Lennox (The Earldom of Lennox). He was the ruler of Scotland under the King. (There was only 7 Earls which was the highest title under the King). His chosen Coat of Arms depicted 4 Tudor Roses surrounding a Saint Andrews Cross. In 1565, Darnley ends up marrying his first cousin Mary Stuart who was the Queen of the Scots (Their union actually produces the line of Jacobite Royals that our button makers pay homage to). Mary grew up in France and lived there most of her life until 1561, when she returned to Scotland. In 1567, Darnley was found murdered in his garden. Supposedly this was orchestrated by James Hepburn who was the 4th Earl of Bothwell. He ended up being proved innocent of all the charges, and a month later he married Queen Mary. This led to an uprising against the couple, and Mary was imprisoned and forced to abdicate the throne in favor of James her one year old son she had with Lord Darnley. Their son James automatically was entitled by blood to be successor and use the Stuart family Coat of Arms. This is the Scottish and English foundation to the symbolism depicted on the various GWI buttons. The eight dots within the Estoile show the union between England and Scotland through Royal families blood and marriage. The use of both Patron Saints George and Andrew in an eight sided ray estoile show their unity. Scotland’s Saint Andrew’s Cross ( X ) and England’s Patron Saint George’s Cross (+). Gives us the 8 circles true meaning within our Estoile.



~ GWI 12 W/ Six Ray Estoile ~

     The Star of Bethlehem reveled the birth of Jesus Christ the messiah, and King of the Jews to the biblical Magi. This star has been depicted more of a Mullet then an Estoile in other renditions. But with George Washington inaugural and New nation Tribute buttons the use of eight straight points and wavy lines instead of all straight lines crosses the bridge to estoile and heraldry.


When you can Understand & Live the True meaning of the Center Dot, You will be Enlightened Individual

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