Scottish-Rite Masonry used as
a Vehicle by
The Council of Enlightened Visionaries

     The Artisans Incorporation  of Scottish Royal Culture & Ancient Religion

in George Washington Inaugural Buttons


The Religious Geometry of
The Honeycomb 

      This section Dale & I are adding a micro-view perspective (Window) into the necessary steps taken by the positive network of artisans combining their Masonic Scottish-Rite Culture into the George Washington inaugural buttons to facilitate the agenda of the now changed Revolutionaries into the Council of Enlightened Visionaries. After the Enlightened Council positioned the Chessboard pieces on a macro-scale, the soldier pieces (artisans) themselves were given specific assignments and a guide of expectations for the desired outcome. Robert Scot was responsible as International Guild President from Scotland, and other artisans would be responsible for carrying out his specific blueprint designs. Obviously, the Masonic Culture offered a platform into the Scottish Royal Culture and Religious understanding to provide the right dynamic needed by the Council of Enlightened Visionaries. Meaning, the artisans would ultimately be responsible for the design and implementation of the Chessboard piece’s ultimate shape and exterior appearance. This dynamic structure is extremely important for the macro Chessboard’s positioning. The assignment for a strategic general who would be able to have the authority and artisan training could only could be trusted to Robert Scot.

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The Hawley Diagram of Religious Incorporation

       When I asked America for a General, I was awarded a True Commander and Chief. Honestly, I am a bit jealous he beat me to the punch. Dale was able to break down the religious elements not only on a geometrical level, but graphically demonstrate and tie these religious foundational meanings into certain GWI buttons using the proper religious significances for each GWI variant. These drawings will allow all George Washington inaugural button researchers in the future to take the next necessary steps in learning how the incorporation of Judaism through the Kabbalah’s number sequences, and historical Christian metaphorical lessons were incorporated  through the foresight of the Enlightened Council of Revolutionaries. we could seriously write a book bigger then a pamphlet (lol) into this aspect alone (Years of Research), but I am afraid the seekers of truth and understanding would accidentally mistaken my viewpoints, understanding, meanings, and hypothesis conclusions incorrectly. So, I am going to leave this aspect unblemished by my post-realized beliefs, impressions, and deep seated understandings. Dale’s pictorial chart offer’s the Enlightened Council of Revolutionaries approach through God’s simplest form of worldly cultural religions.  As it should be! Also, more importantly, we really are offering a True Gift for George Washington Researchers to have a chance for True Self-Enlightenment. If one is successful in his research and open to receiving the realization of enlightenment, they will have been awarded the True Keys to understanding the Grand Architects Design, and how the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries were setting up the Chessboard for a Strategic Positioning of Multicultural integration for the New Republic of the world’s cultures into one. E. Pluribus Unum.

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The Ahiman Rezon is everywhere in the 1790’s
For Those Who Could See!


     There two types of George Washington inaugural buttons the Artisans were instructed to produce. The first set of GWI buttons was crafted with the infusion of Religious Heraldry and Scottish Royal Culture as an Allusion which was hidden to the untrained recipient. It was designed to simultaneously parallel the New Republic’s history and establishing federal insignia.

       The second set of George Washington inaugural button which were crafted places the Scottish & Religious symbols as part of the outward design itself reflecting the direct meaning and understanding. In the 2nd set there is nothing hidden by Allusion for the purpose of granting authority to the heir apparent of America. These button’s designs usually give direct reverence or celebratory meanings to the Scottish Royal Culture, or have Judo-Christian religious symbols as their obvious meanings.

       So, what does these two styles say to interested collectors of George Washington inaugural buttons? We believe that the 2nd set of GWI buttons was purposefully crafted incase the experiment of self-government failed, and the 1st set of GWI buttons if the New Republic succeeded. Either way, both sets would be produced in England by specially engraved steel dies by Robert Scot and his Artisans. They were marketed as a celebratory commemorative to a Flag waving Patriotic public without realizing it will provide the correct authority on the World’s Stage for America’s Sovereignty.

The Artisan’s Scottish Royal Culture Allusion Set of George Washington Inaugural buttons.


GWI 21-B
GWI 22-B
GWI 24-A




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The 2nd Set of George Washington Inaugural Buttons Made W/ Apparent Scottish Designs.


GWI 13-E
GWI 10-A


GWI 15-A
GWI 14-A
GWI 12-D



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       For the serious researchers into George Washington inaugural button symbology, we are going to celebrate my family’s dog Cleopatra’s Birthday today. Since, I am in good celebratory spirit with ice cream cake on the way, I am going to expand your lens to view the Chessboard’s strategic set-up during the American Revolution by the Council of Enlightened Visionaries. The one thing I must impress upon you is this sophisticated enlightenment game of Chess itself did not begin with the inauguration of George Washington or the enactment of the Federal Government in 1789. Nope! So, let me widen your historical lens once more by offering the button community another advancement for the 1st time in 225 years. The Revolutionaries strategic placement of an avenue to furnish information in secrecy using multi-nationality  chess-pieces for George Washington to use as he sees fit. All in-order to help ensure and secure his strategic military victory on the Battlefield. Happy Birthday Cleo, your a great dog!

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George Washington Spy Button

Cut Off the Jacket of a Loyalist Spy who was Captured at Queens Bridge.
Pewter 17.19mm Orig. Shank Intact, W/ Knife Cut Mark.

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Three Types of George Washington Spy Buttons that were used during the American Revolution. Their designs were specifically chosen to Represent the Religious Heraldry in a Multi-Culture Colony which was easily identified by Multi-Nationality Masonic brothers. Meaning, not just Scottish-Rite Brethren.


       Since, Masonry offers open enrollment to all nationalities and all religions, spy’s in the service of the Masonic network often had to supply or receive vital information out of their own Masonic network to unknown recipients. To date, I was able to identify 3 distinct types of Spy buttons used during the American Revolution by George Washington. American, French, and Scottish-Jacobite. All have their own tribute style, but share the same characteristic of heralding religion through Judo-Christan foundations. This would also act as a reinforcement reflection of the Council’s foundational element of the New Era of Enlightenment through higher idealism. When I see their use of religion, as clearly demonstrated as the design of these buttons, I can reasonably conclude that an early point of strategic positioning by the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries was afoot. The purposeful used religious design was chosen for these Spy buttons because it worked harmoniously with the foundation of the Grand Architects design of multi-culture integration.  Hence, E. Pluribus Unum. Meaning, with George Washington’s Spy buttons in concert with the multi-nationality network of the Masonic lodges across the Atlantic seaboard, he would be able to harness all kinds of Patriots toward their struggle for independence. I am going to limit your view here, because the unknown nature and questions about unseen uses of George Washington Spy buttons really needs to be addressed in a separate section at a later date. My efforts will be concentrated to bring Truth to the First TIMELESS Buttons used by the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries made to be used in the Masonic Network,The Rattlesnake Buttons! 

I really like to give people puzzles, If anyone could tell me the name of the individual who wore this button with logical certainty, not proof, I will graciously provide some unknown historical information on certain American Revolutionary War buttons that were purposefully used to further the Enlightened Council’s of Revolutionaries agenda during 1775-1778. 

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5 Point Hand Chased Stars placed in the 13 Circular (Egg Shape) Arcing impressions. Yup, Nice start for ya!


Rob’s Hint:

       So, as the generational citizenry listen to the Allusion based lie in a purposefully created yarn of the reasoning behind a Five point Star and not six; Dear Betsy Ross with her proficiency could have easily made and had the time to do Six point stars, but was instructed as a strategic move to make Five points in-order to infuse our sailing ships Captains with the New Era of Religious Enlightenment infused in America’s Flags. The NA-1 impressed Navy trophy worn by the emissary Captains & Commanders is all part of the Grand Architects Design to usher in a New Era of Religious Enlightenment and a Scottish Constitutionally based New Republic. BEWARE to the people that give no creed or weight to the Enlightened Council of Revolutionaries, for they Strategically Set-Up their Chessboard Worldwide and preemptively won the Game before the established players of power knew what was happening. The Liberty button above clearly demonstrates and provides proof of an out of time-sync chronological sequence of events. How were 5 Stars placed on our Continental Navy’s Flag before Dear Betsy Ross could sew it? The Council of Enlightened sophisticated Chess players forsaw the British Empire’s positioning and took preemptive steps. That is how Betsy Ross played her part. She would be the mother of bringing the multi-culture religious meaning forefront in our Continental Navy’s First Flag.

     Buzz, Baby Buzz, for I know the secrets of the Honeycomb through enlightenment, and know all the worker bees tasks through the history of America’s first network of Allusion button! I just tied ALL OF AMERICA’S BUTTONS in one chart that Dale graciously drew-up. THIS IS FUCKING MAKING HISTORY BABY! God Bless Americas, for it’s true hidden enlightenment design was specifically geared for timelessness; just as George Washington was foretold in his secluded prayer at Valley Forge. – Robert J. Silverstein February 2, 2018

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Cleopatra & Isabela for Cleo’s 3rd Birthday Feb 2, 2010

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Cleopatra being a puppy chewing her leash for Freedom & Independence

This Girl has the Spirit of 76!