Don’s Conspiracy


Just as a profit of our time, this is how Mr. Silverstein presented
to me our 
humble beginnings while noting to our Lodge Brother’s an orbital abnormality in the planet Mar’s rotation

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     The Ancient Aliens came to Earth from Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades Star systems. They set up a religious hierarchy to Themselves as, “Gods”, and infused the native earth population with symbol worship, and supportive ritual practices. As the century’s passed, the offspring of these original non-terrestrial Ancient Aliens provided the necessary sciences and mathematics to help advance the various native civilizations to pinnacle peaks which ended in their own destruction. We see traces as native humans who did not develop this technology, so the lens we view earthly artifacts is purposefully placed by returning extra terrestrials to show there was something more at an earlier time. Logically, by the 18th century, the symbols were adopted through the lineage of the Merovingian Kings to the 1st bloodline of the House of Stuart. Their Royal Culture was propagated by their own family bloodlines through the Scottish-Rite lodges where they served as evidence of how divinity was placed from God to Kings. This provided a network into various religions by the Masonic Lodges accepting all faiths under one roof.


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     George Washington himself was an enlightened visionary in the Grand Architects Design who often wondered about extraterrestrial alien life. Through some kind of communication known as a special Oration, he was able to chant a special magical set of words that allowed him to access God’s wisdom and nature of the universe. He was shown his role as the father of our country and his life was very important to a much larger picture which he could not fathom at this early point in his life. He was made aware that his selfless sacrifice would result in the colonies being able to gain great prominence on the world’s stage. He would be guided by the enlightenment through the Great Architect of the Universe. This extraterrestrial encounter in the woods at Valley forge would infuse George Washington with a spiritual kind of enlightenment that would allow him to construct the Grand Architects Design for a new societal construct. This helped him realize that the colonies would need a whole societal reconstruction which would be dubbed “The Grand Architects Design. This enlightenment of George Washington would be underpinned and templated by Judaeo-Christian religion and ancient symbols carried along the Scottish Royal lineage and presented as a the New Era of Enlightenment. He would be given help by other Enlightened Revolutionaries and use their relationships with Scottish Artisans and others in the Masonic lodge’s networks in every colonies neighborhood. George Washington being a Mason himself would have known and have been accustomed to all the meaning of symbols of the Masonic culture through the 7 liberal arts of Masonic education. He would use these educational foundation stones to guide his Presidency and promote a general welfare to uplift people in a positive social and economic means. He would understand mans true nature of greed, power and selfless ambition and work as a counter agent.

Enlightenment comes in many forms, and one must understand the Judaeo-Christian religious significance which are embedded in the ancient Royal Culture symbolic meanings, and use those lessons to understand the morality flaws of mankind. As noted before, the agenda and directives of the Ancient Aliens are shrouded in Allusions and are not made for all to see. This would be detrimental to a young undeveloped culture who hasn’t come together as a species for the good of all. Since, we do not understand the Alien agenda being young race, friend or foe is seen as undetermined. All we can realize is that God provides for checks and balances in the universe and would not allow a race to leave their own galaxy if they haven’t reached a point of disciplined respect for themselves. This check and balance is a way for evil not to infect other cultures. If they cannot push past their social constructs of evil, they will eventually destroy themselves too.  All we can reasonably say is that what ever their agenda is for the human race, they purposefully are networking earth’s cultures is for an unknown higher purpose. The Ancient Aliens constantly make moves in an Allusion by constantly infusing humans with knowledge in mathematics and sciences to push them forward to a higher stage of enlightenment.

Valley Forge 1777, When George Washington Played a Borrowed Flute and Spoke the Special Magical Oration


      Stories throughout our ancient world suggest that God’s (Ancient Aliens) gave our ancestors the secret gift of metallurgy in-order to move humanity forward. True metallurgy in the sense of putting together different alloys began around 3800 years ago when the Egyptians in the Early Dynastic period 3150-2186 B.C discovered Bronze was as an alloy of Tin and Copper.

       Our 18th Century Scottish Artisans not only controlled the secrets of Metallurgy since the times of ancient Egypt, through the Merovingian Kings, but they had the knowledge of how to fashion it without the use of machinery as exampled by King Tut’s Dagger. this dagger’s use of a meteorite was thousands of years ahead of their time. By the 18th century, our ancestors were guided on how to extract Zinc out of a sulfide to make metal artifacts with electrical or energetic properties that we know nothing about today. Orichalcum? Our continued transformation of metal properties will ultimately add to our technology advances hereby uplifting our society to where the extraterrestrials want us evolutionary. The point of this paragraph is to show how metal was used as a vehicle to advance all cultures on earth. Why is it necessary for ancient civilizations to know advanced metallurgy? For what purpose? If not to create advanced metal machinery then, should we ask at what part of our evolution and advancement does metal fabrication play in reflection of our technological advancement? As a friend noted to me in a conversation, I do believe there is more behind  the veil we call reality or the moments we live in. The same way a painting is looked at, you see what the artist brush stroked or the finished picture-painting, but you have no clue or desire to see the matrix behind the brushed on picture which is the canvas.  “I do not pine for the eye that can see all.” The seeding you are referring to goes back before Egypt then to Rome and later into the early Kingdoms of Europe. Today we are the galactic stage coach stop perhaps for the long distance travelers, or a way station between the start and end of a journey; one could surmise should there be truths in what is currently not the accepted or known reality..”

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     The extra terrestrial agenda is now cloaked in a Jacobite-American Revolution. They control Washington’s agenda, but lack the ability to control his actions. So, it would be key for an Ancient Alien Representative to sit-in as a member and have influence over the Council of Scottish Revolutionaries.  This move would guarantee the infusion of Ancient Alien symbols for centuries to come under the cloak of America’s insignia. Somehow in an unprecedented move for the 1st time in history, the Scottish-Artisans placed these ancient Royal symbols of their Scottish ancestors on objects that were masked as an Allusion. Until the use these symbols on embossed revolutionary war flags and GWI & NNT buttons, it was forbidden to use outside of lodge ritual with Royal permission. Meaning, these symbols from the Ancient Aliens go hand in hand with America’s historical events under the veil of secrecy.  

This story is a reflection of my love for Edger Rice Burroughs John Carter book series. Using that as a format perimeter I was able to accurately reflect our species true history. Thank you for spending your valuable time, for I recognize there is a needed balance for us to relax and learn with the truth hand-in-hand. God Bless America, – Robert J. Silverstein