The Chessboard

The Enlightened Council of
American Revolutionaries / Visionaries

Draft 2:

 The Pathway for All Nationalities & Religions to Prosperity 

     The foundation of our research into Rattlesnake and GWI & NNT buttons must be expanded to include a secret Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries which later turned Visionaries.  These sophisticated men worked in concert with George Washington, and the Founders in-order to establish a New Republic with liberty and self-determination at it’s center core. These enlightened revolutionaries being victims of social status oppression would first need to secure their own liberty and independence through the American Revolution. Afterward, they would be able to initiate a new societal framework through a New Era enlightened idealism under the Grand Architect’s Design. This new societal framework would be founded on a white anglo protestants mainly England and Germany. Their new societal construct would offer a new opportunity for the oppressed Jews and Catholics living in European nations to find refuge in a new society which offered a chance at self-determination and freedom of religion. America for these people abroad and at home would become a welcoming country for Europe’s undesirable 2nd class citizenry.

       By offering the hope of Unity, Prosperity, and Independence (Industry) to all the citizens of the New Republic the flood gates of hope for a better life through equal opportunity was a strong Rally-Cry for the Patriot’s Cause. This new societal framework would be all inclusive to it’s citizens and at the same time prevent the centuries old oppressive European failed governance system.  The New republic would serve as a rejection to the established societal construct by wealthy high society elite families like the Rothschilds; and other European Royalty families with the strong influence of Religious hierarchal leadership. This new societal framework would  also prevent any hostile take over and subject one class of citizens to a 2nd class status by ownership of the country’s industries and natural resources.


The New Dawn Welcoming-in All The World’s Oppressed

       The underlying framework of America’s New republic would be founded by using the Scottish Royal Cultures lineage and also re-enforced with Judaeo-Christian Heraldry. The name of this New Republic’s construct was, The Grand Architect’s Design. The visionaries framed it parallel to the bible’s Great Architect of the Universe notion, because it provides a country that is deity neutral. They were providing a new dynamic for the 1st time which offered a timeless foundation for a future melting pot of a multi-culture immigrants flocking to the shores in search of freedom. (E. Pluribus Unum).


 The Scottish Royal Culture Chosen 11th Century
Hand Chased Scottish Cathedral Symbol Border 

       As with all advisory councils, these Enlightened Visionaries utilized different mechanisms from history and religion in achieving their goals. The refinement offered by their new Grand Architect’s Design would provide the strongest foundations in a society of a self-governing republic.  With much benefit in their consideration of framework options, the decision was made to use the Scottish Royal Culture as the New Republic’s foundation cornerstone. The Scottish Royal Culture offered the proper lineage and enlightened idealisms needed for individual securities and the society to prosper ass a whole. Another benefit came in the way of harnessing the Strong Jacobite movement as an undercurrent of resistance. This actually was an immeasurable tool which was afforded in a timely manor to help accompany the Visionaries and Founder’s New Era of Enlightenment. The one thing the Visionaries and Founders foresaw and anticipated for was the was repeated oppression in history of individual rights and religious freedoms throughout the cultures of the world, and not just in colonial America with British governance and social stratification oppression. 


The Scottish Worker Bees acting as Patriot Soldiers in the pursuit of Independence

     We believe this Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries and Visionaries was able to harness the rebellious dynamics of the Scottish Royal family loyalists (To the House of Stuart and Bonnie Prince Charlie) through the use of neighborhood Scottish-Rite Masonic lodges. One of the biggest benefits to the Enlightened Council of Revolutionaries. This offered a strong propaganda messaging which would be re-enforced by religious heraldry provided by Scottish Artisans such as, Robert Scot. This Scottish tool was able to offer a needed  monopoly for the framework of ushering in a New Constitutionally based experimental functioning form of government. They needed to maneuver under the veil of a state based republic. This function could be provided by using undercurrent Scottish messaging through cloaked authoritative religious heralding artistry. So, all commissioned work of new federal insignias were done by artisans under the umbrella of Scottish born artisan from Cannon-gate lodge Robert Scot. Meaning, the commissioned work that flowed out of Congressional committees was purposefully directed to Robert Scot and his Philadelphia artisans who were educated in Scottish Royal Culture and Judaeo-Christian heraldry meanings. Robert Scot’s transformational Allusion artistry techniques were applied to federal insignia to ensure the Council of Visionaries and Founder’s Grand Architect Design for a New Enlightenment society based on new idealisms.


The Enlightened Visionaries Strategically Positioning through President G. Washington

       This should be viewed as another deliberate move showing the positioning of the Chessboard pieces which was guided by the unseen Council of Enlightened Visionaries. So, people seeking Truth in the symbols placed on George Washington inaugural and New Nation Tribute buttons should see this as simultaneously positioning their chessboard pieces with a Scottish Royal Culture foundation along with a Judaeo-Christian religious heraldry incase the experiment of self-government failed, not succeeded! As GWI 3 clearly demonstrates that there was an avenue for the true hereditary of King of Scotland to assume the throne of America if foreign nations with centuries of power were able to stifle the New Republic in it’s infancy. Other relic clues from this era include the flag inscribed on the Barnibus Horn which clearly demonstrate that a segment of the rebellious underground population was assigned this mission under the political veil of state politicians.  


The Majesty of the People
All Roads Point to St. Andrews

        The Enlightened Council of Revolutionaries then turned Visionaries were very strategic in all their moves. Every avenue was completely anticipated and planned for. I like to envision a giant strategic map. Showing on that map is several objectives that need to be addressed in order to provide strategic conquests to achieve the goal of securing America’s Sovereignty on the World’s Stage without the future need of foreign conquest or financial aid. As a chessboard has many pieces, each one has to be strategically moved and their outcome anticipated before the opposition could react. So, with Rattlesnake, GWI, & NNT buttons and afterword with America’s new federal insignia; the Visionaries used their best piece which was the Scottish families of high society and Masonic Scottish-Rite Artisans. This provided the Revolutionary and Visionary Council with a Queen player that offered multi-facet moves in all directions and levels.


The Council of Enlightened Visionaries Selected
A Chairman to Strategically Position America’s Navy  

       So, why would the Council of Enlightened visionaries choose the Scottish Jacobites for their Queen on the chessboard? As mentioned before, they offered the best positioning for the tasks that needed to be done on so many fronts. We might not be able to list or even know all the fronts that must be addressed, but we can put enough of their moves together to show why. First, and most important is the Scottish artisans possessed both the historical knowledge and the artistry skills needed to fight their war of propaganda and win. No other worldly culture could offer this opportunity. As demonstrated in the Multi-Allusion artistry of Rattlesnake, GWI, NNT buttons, Wax Seals, and State Militia Flags,  they were able to place hidden tribute meanings with Judaeo-Christian Heraldry and the culture of  Scottish Royal families. This would work in their favor on two fronts. First, it establish a Scottish authoritative heraldry  incase America’s new experiment of a democratic republic run by the people failed. Second, if the New Republic was able to harness its sovereignty onto the World’s stage successfully, they would have established a citizenry Allusion of New Federal insignia with a Birthing message of an New Republic under the Grand architect’s design of Enlighten Ideals. So, the sophistication of the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries would win in each scenario. Even the branching pathways would have to be accounted for. Let us take a quick example. If the Republic fell back to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and he died in 1788, who would the crown fall to?  The illegitimate daughter Charlotte Stuart, Dutchess of Albany? Who would take the throne of the Americas? 


Below is old draft notes to finish .

 Up to this point, all of the different countries around the world are are ruled by various monarchies. Second, to establish a Scottish heraldry base of authority incase Americas new experiment with a democratic republic was successful. lol either choice wins. We know the exiled Scottish aristocrats came shortly after the dethronement of King James to start a new republic. They had the opportunity to set up their class structure to have economic banking as well as obtain key positions of power.   
     The original goal of this website was to be an early American Button & Engraved Artifact Library to help fellow collectors learn about the objects they collect, but this mission has now changed. With our new identification breakthroughs with finding maker’s marks and symbols; the historical intent of the engraver can now be added to the historical significance of each artifact. We as Americans can take the next step forward into our undocumented and unknown history, and add explanations to historical questions that have gone unanswered in certain engraved artifacts. It is our intent to introduce new conclusions based on evidence that has gone unexamined by prior researchers. There are other post colonial engravers who’s work we will study such as, Doolittle and J. Wright who operated outside of the engraving guild, but most of our emphasis will be on the socially prominent Philadelphia Artisans that were brethren to each other. They were morally enlightened men, and held strong loyalty ties to the Scottish Royal families who’s lineage dates back thousands of years to ancient times. These highly skilled men were privy to a 1st hand education from birth, and were apprenticed because of birthright by well known European masters in the various (engraved) Arts. Everything they engraved shows their tribute and complete understanding of ancient symbols that were used for thousands of years by the ancient European Royal families who truly believed their lineage had direct ties to the Creator, Jesus or God.
     Scottish Masonry should be viewed separately as an integral platform of symbols used by these prominant men to show how Scottish Royal families tied their lineage to ancient cultures before the 12th century. One should note, there is a distinction of symbol use which is reflected by the artisan’s intent. There is also different types of symbols used in these artifacts that are also determined by the intent of the meaning behind the engraved object. Let me give an example to be clear. Mason symbols like the Eye of Providence or Grand Design theme are well documented and can be found in several of their U.S. governmental engraved works. While one can go back farther in history in other engraved objects and find Scottish masonry symbols that stem from 12th century Scottish Cathedrals. The later ties the Scottish Royal families who built and financially supported their chosen religion and it’s beliefs. The earlier has to do with the guidance of humanity and their societal goals. Just remember to keep them separate when studying these artifacts we present, and realize the intended meaning before you link what ancient culture and time period it originates from. Hopefully, over the years this website will produce many unknown hidden symbols that were secretly placed in the engraved objects that date back thousands of years. To lastly conclude, it is my contention that 18th century Masonry only provided an avenue for Freemason Artists to message with their skills that all people can prosper and move forward in unity for the betterment of the human race. Hence, we have the engraved historical objects that are the foundation of our beloved American culture. So, it is my personal belief that these prominent Philadelphia engravers along with America’s founding fathers understood the Grand Provenance idea for the betterment of society, and it was carried through their engraving work by means of the Artisan Guilds that they controlled. (Of course for profit ) lol
     So in conclusion, our team is going to study with a new enlightened eye all these 18th century American engraved artifacts. We will now conclusively show how all of America’s symbols have secret hidden tribute symbols toward the Scottish & European Royal families that have roots as far back as the 12 Tribes of Israel and then forward in time to the Merovingian Kings; whose lineage turned into the 18th Century Kings of France, Scotland, and England. Our goal is to understand and tie-in the various ancient cultures beliefs and their use of symbols to make social statements and policies that helped guide their subjects. With our original study of GWI and NNT buttons we will explore how these ancient symbols were turned into propaganda avenues of expression during the European and American wars. In retrospect, these skilled artisans controlled the white collar business infrastructure of America in their various commissioned engravings. Just as the blue collar stone Masons controlled the building of America. In the top link above under Who are the GWI Engravers, I list for the first time in history all the Artisans names who engraved the George Washington inaugural & New Nation Tribute button’s steel dies which (Most) were sent to Birmingham England for manufacturing. Unfortunately, America had limited raw materials and resources to manufacture all of these buttons, but some were. Also some buttons were made outside of the guild by local Artisans who worked with Jewelry and Copper-smithing and these specimens should be noted by their lathe turned backs.