The Scottish American Artisans

Allusion? or does the evidence show how the the Scottish Revolutionaries Networked for a New Republic?



     As far as George Washington inaugural and New Nation Tribute buttons are concerned, the button’s depict engravings with Judaeo-Christian symbols which fundamentally uses God’s approach to a better society. In 1789 & 1792 most of the GW inaugurals and NNT buttons were made in England for the American market. Very few GW & NNT variants were produced in America because of the lack of metallurgy manufacturing, and access to raw materials that needed to be mined. From our work, we did logically conclude there was a secret sub-variant set made from different steel dies that Robert Scot and his Philadelphia artisans produced. This sub-culture tribute set was historically unknown to the button collector community, and when produced were only made available to the members of the Masonic network. Certain embellished inaugurals like GWI 21-B, or GWI 24-A could have been purposefully made for certain Enlightened Revolutionary members who’s outstanding contributions stood out among the other positive members in helping promote the Grand Architects design.

     All these Special GWI and NNT buttons should be seen as the 1st, and only time in history these artisans rejoiced as members who could use their talents and knowledge through their artisan crafts in going forward with a plan to lay foundation cornerstones in the newly established federal governments insignias. Seeing the bigger picture of incorporating the states, they would apply their Grand Architect Design formula in their official state objects as well as militia flags as a sporting unity for the country as a whole.

     Even though it has always been common for engravers to place their engraver’s mark on their produced works of art, GWI & NNT buttons had to be free of backmarks of production and artisan engraver marks. This was purposefully done in-order to give America the proper birth free of European artistry heritage and help in construction of America’s 1st judaeo-christian heraldry device. The second set in the artist self-celebration by using Scottish Royal Culture and Masonic tribute symbols could be seen as a window into the Jacobite Revolutionaries personal lifestyles and their practiced traditions of the time. These secretly placed symbols which are depicted on the buttons clearly reference ancient Egypt, Rome, as well as Judaeo-Chritian branches of religion to act as a welcoming open door to all cultures of the world. Only conjecture can give way to speculation, but my guess is that they were trying to rise to a level of a Godly representation in his true meaning in the order of the universe by using sanctions of religious authority. No better way to infuse a newly established Republic’s insignia.

     The Artisans in England who could have made the later 1792 inaugural celebratory buttons, and then later made replacement Anniversary dies will be nameless in history unless some person with record information comes forward.

    Collectors should also note that wearing Lodge-Based Motif Propaganda Buttons / Pins is a customary practice in Masonic lodges even today. This vehicle of social and political methods of promoting ideas can be traced back to the earlier 17th century lodges in Scotland and then England. In past centuries lodge members would trim their jackets with specialized buttons as a fashionable political or social statement. Today their motifs usually just represent the lodge’s chosen historical motif or geographical area (My lodge uses the Hudson River & Minuteman depiction). As shown through our workings, nothing is black and white. There maybe several factors that help create the message and be constructed in an Allusion. In the late 18th century, a Scottish-Rite Jacobite would look at the second set of GWI & NNT buttons as a tribute to their hard earned victory for a New Republic in America, but also see George Washington on many levels, a respected Brother, statesman, General, and also a humble President Elect who also had a Masonic reflection of a newly elected a Worshipful-master of a new Scottish-Rite lodge!


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