Flag of the United States Quiz

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Test Yourself ! 

     Carefully read the following 25 questions or statements and all the possible answers for each. Only one of the suggested answers is correct. Choose it’s answer, and write it’s letter down on a separate piece of paper. If you are not sure, chances are your own good judgment will result in a correct guess. 


Score Key

All 25 Correct, Under 5 Min. = A Proud American, A Real Flag Waver
23 to 24 Correct, Under 7 Min. = A Respectable Countryman

21 t0 23  Correct, Under 10 Min. = A Salute Learner
19 to 20  Correct = Proper Flag Etiquette Required



1) How many stripes does the US Flag currently have?

      a. Twelve        b. Eleven        c. Thirteen      d. Varies


2) How many red stripes are opposite the blue field of stars in the upper portion of the flag?

       a. Three          b. Four            c. Five              d. depends on size.


3) Did the US Flag ever have more then 13 Stripes?

       a. Yes                b. No                c. Only during the American Revolution  d. Only in the Civil War 


4. Is it ever permissible to drape a US Flag?

       a. Yes                b. No                c. Only upon the death of a State Official  d. Answers: A & C 


5. Is there any exception to the rule that, when flown with any other flag on the same halyard, our
     flag must be at the peak?

      a. Yes, in the Navy during divine service  b. When infantry engages ground force battle  c. No


6. Where should the US Flag be when carried in procession with a line of other flags?

      a. On the marching right     b. In front of the center of the line   c. Flanking the L & R front


7. How is the Flag properly displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall or show window?

       a. The blue field of stars is uppermost, and to the flags own right-that is to the observer’s left.

       b. The field is uppermost and to the flag’s own left-that is, to the observer’s right.

       c. There is no official rule or military etiquette. 


8. How should a Flag be displayed over a street?

         a. Vertically, with the blue field of the stars to the north in an east and west street; field to east
in a north and south street.

          b. Vertically, with the field to the south in an east and west street; field to west in a north and
south street. 


9. What is the position of the Flag when displayed in the chancel of a Church?

           a. At clergyman’s right as he faces the audience.  b. At clergyman’s left as he faces the audience. 


10. How should the Flag be displayed on Memorial Day?

           a. At half-staff all day.     b. At half-staff sunrise to noon.  c. Full staff all day  d. None of the above. 


11. How is the Flag placed when used to cover a casket?

           a. Blue field of stars at head of casket over left shoulder of deceased. b. Field at head of casket
over right shoulder of deceased.   c. Field at head, left shoulder, with R triangle fold at bottom. 


12. May the Flag ever be flown with the field down?

           a. Yes, as a signal of dire distress.       b. Never    c. Upon surrender.   d. When the post is evacuated.


13. What is the proper name for the Blue field of White, 5 Pointed Stars in the upper corner of the Flag?

           a. Field of Stars.     b. The Union.      c. Blue field.    d. The states.   e. Are you fucking kidding me?


14. What part of the Flag shows the growth of our nation?

           a. The Stars.             b. The Stripes.     c. The Stars & Stripes.    d. None, it has no relation.


15. Between what hours should the Flag be normally displayed on buildings and stationary flag staffs in
         in the open?

           a. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.    b. Sunrise to Sunset.    c. 6:00 am to 6 pm.    d. There is no official time. 


16. When was the Flag of the United States officially adopted?

           a. July 4, 1776     b. June 14, 1777   c. Sept 17, 1787   d. March 4, 1789    e. April 30, 1789


17. When a new state is admitted to the Union, when is the Star added to the Flag?

           a. The day of admission  b. On 4th of July following admission.  c. Next Presidential inauguration. 


18. How should the Flag be displayed on a float in a parade?

            a. Only from a staff.    b. Properly suspended on right side of float.   c. Properly suspended in front.


19. May a Flag be used for covering a monument or statue about to be unveiled?

             a. Yes.         b. No      c. From the Beginning of the ceremony only.    d. Only past President Statues.


20. How does a Woman correctly salute a Flag?

             a. By placing the right hand over the heart.   b. By giving the regular right-hand salute. 


21. What is the official designation of the U.S. Flag?

              a. The Stars and Stripes.     b. The Flag of the United States.      c. The National Colors. 


22. Who originally wrote the Star Spangled Banner?

               a. Stephen Collins Foster in 1812.      b. Francis Scot Key.     c. John Howard Payne in 1784. 


23. Why do we say, that the sun never sets on our Flag?

               a. Because of our possession of Alaska   b. Because we own the Canal Zone.  C. Because of
possessions in both hemispheres.      d. Because our Military is always ready even in peace. 

24. Should the Flag ever be dipped to show Special honor?

               a. Yes.     b. No.    c. Only to a U.S. President on foreign soil.        d. Only to a fallen war soldier. 


25. May the U.S. Flag properly be embroidered upon cushions or handkerchiefs?

               a. Yes, if not for advertising purposes.   b. Absolutely Not!    c. There are no governing laws. 


Thank you for taking Isabela’s U.S. Flag quiz! If you have U.S. military service it is expected that you have done well, and the time next to the correct answers is just a personal gauge for your sharpness. If you have no military service and have done well, congratulate yourself for being a Proud American! Remember there is no pass or fail, just a continuing education to help you become a better countryman which in itself promotes patriotism and good national will. 



Be a Proud Flag Waver
Fly one from your home!

God Bless America, our active serviceman & woman who make our country Great!