The Sanctity of A New Republic

 The Judaeo-Christian Cross

       The Christian Cross and the Star of David in the legend of George Washington Inaugural buttons is more then a spacing-cue to separate the slogans beginning and end. It epitomizes a religious backed-meaning propagating Jesus Christ and Christianity through the mortal workings of Saint George and Saint Andrews. As part of the New Era’s Grand Architects Design, Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans weaved this into a lot of their insignia foundational art for our country’s foundation. This is another example how Artisans placed an overlapping Allusion which holds multiple meanings depending on the viewer to reach a multi-cultural forming nation. Even though 18th century America was white anglo protestants the symbol could be offered to all forms of Christianity and their followers.

         As the obvious straight forward meaning which is welcoming to most cultures is the Christian Cross representing the foundation of the new federal government. This Christian symbol would imply a sanctity of America’s new federal government by principled men who were welcoming to all the various branches of Christianity. This would be a strong message to European migrants who were fleeing their countries because of forced cession of social and economic privilege due to a specific religions intertwined beliefs with a Royal political structure of society. 

        With the new societal construct of the Grand Architect Design, America as a nation would founded under a welcoming Judaeo-Cristian God for the persecuted. The symbol of the Cross was placed on five (GWI 4,5,6,7,10) George Washington inaugural buttons. The Hebrew Star of David as a foundational welcoming branch to Christianity was placed on GWI 9.

       George Washington himself was a very religious person and apart of the Episcopal{ + }Church. Even though he wasn’t religiously vocally he was known to visit various churches regardless of the denomination during his travels for frequent prayer. This could have been his enlightened was he role modeled for his architectural framework of promoting the new societal construct of the Grand Architects Design. Placing a Christian Cross within the inaugural button’s slogan directly makes a reference to George Washington’s chosen religion, and indirectly to the nation welcoming all branches of religion under the nations secured individual rights.