The Religious Nature
of Man’s Symbols

The Star of David


The Preface

     The historical origination point of the Star of David symbol is shrouded in mystery. While researching world religions in relation to the use by European Artisans through the centuries, I noticed a multi denominational overlap in the root context of meaning for the symbol shapes themselves. Even more, there was credible evidence which suggests as the 12 Tribes of Israel (and Royal families) extended into the European nations it ended-up producing a worldly multicultural overlap of root-symbol meanings for all religious denominations to use.

     This paper is designed to tie the Star of David’s symbol with it’s natural center of the Honeycomb shape into the Grand Architects Design used by the framers of America in the late 1780’s. One has to contend to the fact that Scottish Royal Culture steaming from the Merovingian Kings provided the avenue for generational artisans to produce an effect of divinity associations throughout the different world cultures and the religions they practice. By using common religious root denominators of the various branches of Judaism and Christianity, Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans in America were able to infuse, “God’s Purity Message” through the Numeric Values of 6 & 7. This was done through the symbol incorporation of both Christianity’s Cross and the Hebrew Star.

     As an example, we are going to use the Scottish Artisan’s design of a George Washington Inaugural 9-A button. We see the Star of David in the lower legend as an infusion of religion as a founding stone. The missing 13th stipple around the Star of David in GWI 9, has often been inaccurately represented as 1 of the 13 states holding back in the ratification of the U. S. Constitution in April of 1789. This would be totally inaccurate, and passed down by illiterate button collectors who believe they are U.S. historians too. The true representation of this lower legend symbol is the combination of intertwining of morality and the Judaeo-Christian religion into our New Era of Enlightenment Ideals. The stipples are a multi-level allusion which references a combination of religious, and historical ideas of nobility. First, is the religious association of the 12 apostles, and (the large 13th center Star is) Jesus Christ (A Jew) as their savior. Peeling away the allusion we see another noble morality message. This is the combined incorporation of England’s Noble Order of the Garter, and the Scottish Order of the Thistle. Each knight’s Order has a representative King and his 12 knights to bring a sense of chivalry, and well meaning in the balance of man’s evil inherent nature. This is the representation of the 12 stipples and large Hebrew center star. (Prince Edward Stuart would be the King for both Orders!)


A Three Way Communication Between God, Man & Torah

     I am only able to offer a very primitive understanding as to the true nature of God’s communication, and all the worldly facets he provides through his intertwined representations, and intended uses and meanings to life. I will give you how I perceive the symbolic relationship between God, Man, and the Torah through his use, multi-layered meanings, and the true symbolic nature of the Star of David. To begin, one needs to understand that each of these three entities: God, Man, and the Torah has an inner and external dimension. First, is the Torah itself. This is comprised of both exoteric and esoteric teachings. The “exoteric side” would be for the common man’s limited understanding in his evolutionary nature, and this understanding provides man an avenue into his practicing faith for his own well being as he matures. This would be the conventional religious associations such as, The Talmud, Jewish Law, Traditional Rituals, ect.. Meaning, this is the basic comprehension and understanding for the Hebrew’s hows and whats of Judaism as a religion.

     Then we have the “esoteric side” which is the soul aspect of the Hebrew’s human nature. The Enlightened Visionaries were able to manipulate and purposefully place this assertion deep within America’s new societal construct of the Grand Architects Design as the main principle Cornerstone foundation block. This deeper understanding of the soul would be things like Jewish Mysticism, and the deep inner understanding of the Kabbalah. The Enlightened Visionaries used symbolic representational numeric values of God and placed them into the New Republic’s insignia, and other official state government items. All these mathematical (geometry) calculations for our country’s 18th century birthing creations were based on numeric values which represent the inferable names of God. The complexity of building their new societal construct of, “The Grand Architect’s Design” the framers knew it had to reflect all parts of our multi-cultural society, and this new societal construct was intended for the advancement of our new enlightened culture. This new design was intended to help move the human species forward into the future toward a more prosperous evolution. Not just a certain elevated class of gentry.

     Next, is the ancient religion of Judaism as it progresses forward into the future with it’s evolutionary Christianity branches of denominations. As we move forward into the future religion transforms from a state of stagnancy to evolve into another evolutionary stage of religion through the savior Jesus Christ. By the time of the colonial societal and cultural breakdown of the 18th century, our Enlightened Visionaries used and transformed the intent of the Bible’s Great Architect of the Universe into a new workable construct that was understood by man in-order to improve his well being and allow the species to move forward in a positive nature. This new societal construct was called the “Grand Architects Design” and acted as a welcoming for all branches of religion no matter what European culture you were from. This new evolution was then dubbed, “The Judaeo-Christian individual.”

     Art is where the 18th century Enlightened Visionaries were able to use and multiple artistry techniques through “Allusion” into societal foundational stones that were socially acceptable during this era. This was all in-order to promote a New Era of Enlightenment which supported by the New Ideals of religious freedom. As every plan needs a strategy of implementation, this was able to be done through our country’s Artist’s creations of tangible identifiable objects and insignias associated with our Federal government. They were able to skillfully mask the Grand Architects Design messaging within our country as new official insignias, objects of everyday use (ex:money), and societal architectural buildings with topographical layouts. All these works of art were foundation stones that were based and masked as mathematical (Geometry) Numerical Values God sprinkled-in with other worldly cultures ancient history and religion.

     In reference to the Star of David specifically to form the triangle, the Jew has a deeper aspect to his soul which is spiritually above the confines of his body, and also another dimension of his soul which cannot just simply unclothe it’s mortal shell to reach a higher planes of relational association with God, so in mortal life we are limited by it and all the heriditearial flaws of our patriarchs.

     Completing the triangle would be God the creator of our universe within and without. God has a dimension which is above nature, and the world. This is a level that relates to nature as it exists in its limitations and defined state.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


     So, now we have a three way triangle to represent the external dimension, and an invert triangle to represent the inner soul dimension which only a few people of purity would have a path to. When we superimpose both triangles we understand all the facets and dimensions of the three way interrelationships between God, man, and the Torah. This creates the Star of David with the purity of the Honeycomb shape with God in the center to symbolize purity and the numerical value of 6 & 7. This allusion is brought forward into the New Republic’s foundation by the Scottish Royal Cultures contemporary use of the Honeycomb and bees. The Enlightened Visionaries constructed the Grand Architects Design by using a combination of religious metaphors and hidden meanings. To appeal to all the various cultures starting from the Egyptians, and then up through the centuries using all other European civilizations; they used common religious denominators as welcoming devices into our society which will act as a melting pot to further our species as a whole into a new more advanced civilization.


GWI 7-A’s Use of Three
The Honey Comb Legend

     By using the religious symbol of the Honeycomb they are able to appeal to not only the Jews, but all religious branches of world’s Jadaeo-Christian societies. The bee produces honey which is Kosher (Purity) because the honey is not made from the bee itself, it doesn’t add anything like our Enlightened Visionaries in their Grand Architects Design. Meaning, no part of the bee is in the honey itself, nor is their any of man’s ideas in the Grand Architects Design. As the bee is responsible for ingesting it from the flower and then passing it through it’s system unblemished, it acts as a transporter only. This understanding is how the Enlightened Visionaries were able to use the religious foundation cornerstones of God’s purer inner and external dimensions successfully in their framework of the Grand Architects Design. By recognizing the European societal construct of mans external dark nature he would be seen as the impunity of the mosquito who only takes and never gives or releases from it’s body. (Metaphorically deep).


   In summary, I guess the Enlightened Visionaries symbolized the connections of both dimensions of God, Torah, and Man in the symbol of the Star of David. We will never know which level King David was able to rule and guide his subjects, we only know from stories relating wisdom that he worked on an esoteric and exoteric bridge between God and Man using his faith in Judisim. Could the Star’s creation be a timeless tool for the distant future when our species turns the evolutionary corner toward a higher plane of existence? Could it be used along our patriarchs lineage as stepping stones for each new generation?

     As our species evolves into a more civilized race shedding its pre-conditioned evolutionary natural self-centered egotistical instincts so will his higher level of understanding for the bridge into a higher plane of thoughts and actions. Meaning, as we live now the external level of our soul connects to the external expression of God by our infancy stage of evolution through the exoteric parts of the Torah. In the future, if our species is properly placed on the right path through foundational cornerstones in the Grand Architects Design it will allow for the esoteric essence of the soul to connect to God though a deeper or higher learning of the Torah from the Kabbalah in natural understanding of way of order.

     The Zohar (3:73a) states, “There are three knots connecting (three entities) one to another: The Holy One, blessed be He; Torah; and Israel.” With our species now in the infancy of evolution our soul connects to its creator through a primitive camouflaged understanding of the simplicity of God’s nature. We need to fist become masters by studying the Torah and observe it’s teachings in the order presented to us. The Star of David’s triangle represents the exoteric and esoteric connection superimposed between these three entities. In-order to unite these triangles one must harmoniously comprehend the fundamentals of both the exoteric and esoteric understandings.

     As Jews continually integrate through the intermarriage of religions and cultures it subsumes the evolutionary practicing faiths and transforms them in a time progression into a transformational bond of a new unified intertwined culture that shares certain common denominators for the species to move forward. The Star of David is a timeless vehicle provided by God for our species to move forward in a new kind of unity that works slowly over the generations all over the world.

in 1099, Godfrey became the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem 

     The mistaken association that the Star of David belongs to the Jewish culture comes from a lack of understanding what the true intent of God’s chosen people is and the role they play in ushering in our future species intertwined new earthly culture. Unlike the menorah, the lion of Judah, the shofar, and the lullav, the Star of David was never uniquely a Jewish Symbol from ancient history. It was not the symbol when God chose the Hebrew race to carry forth his Commandments and Torah. The Star of David wasn’t representational to Judaism until around the sixteenth century when printers started to colophon in reference to Judaism on printed materials. 

     The Enlightened Visionaries in creating the Grand Architects Design was able to incorporate several fundamental factors which was inherent to the Tribe of Dan. They were able to combine them and bridge the gap and divide with the exoteric branches of Judaeo-Christian based faiths which applications were used on an exoteric rudimentary level by the Scottish Royal Culture. This slow progression of ever changing religious denominational practices is mirrored up through their lineage starting from the early Dynastic Egyptian period and then went through several metamorphoses as it branched throughout Europe. All these timeless stepping stones of transformational religion by different generational royal cultures led into 18th century Enlightened Visionaries new societal construct for the Grand Architects Design.

 By the Enlightened Visionaries choosing the purity of the selfless acts of the Tribe of Dan, it provided a spiritual way through mankind hearts by providing their selfless acts in lessons of morality by their own actions. By epitomizing the tribe of Dan’s exodus out of Egypt it demonstrated how they acted in an esoteric understanding of God’s inner relationship with man for the few that understood. As the esoteric understanding for the other tribes it was how they specifically positioned themselves as the last tribe to follow behind the other tribes in-order to pick-up and return lost or dropped items of the other tribes with no need of reward. This was a selfless sacrifice in an exoteric understanding of Jewish faith, and a reflection and true understanding of the kindness of God working through (Man) other tribal members. By positioning themselves this way it provided comfort  of covering everyones back in a selfless manor that could not be repaid. As Jews think the greatest gift is to bury their own knowing the deceased could never repay them. Meaning, they are true acts of love with no thought of reward. On an exoteric perspective it would reflect these selfless members of their own culture who shared torah and had their backs in times of discordant unharmonous religious views and divides.

   After Shabbat is over, we know it is over when three stars appear in the sky above. Not sure if that has any connection. In holy celebration the six sfirot of the masculine Zer Anpin have relationships to the 6 items on the cedar plate, while the seventh sfria being the feminine Malkhut corresponds to the plate itself. If we look at the cedar-plate triangles we can notably see the triangles are parallel, and one above another and do not forma a hexogram. Why? 


Oldest copy in the Masoretic Text Leningrad Codex
Dated 1008 C.E.