The Heraldic Eagle
with the
Estoile Star Six Point Ray

GWI 12-C The Heraldic Eagle

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     The Heraldic Eagle W/ Six Point Estoile Type Star: Several ancient cultures believed that astronomical phenomena was connected to important terrestrial events. The Founding Fathers and Freemasons who helped win America’s independence were educated in these various cultures and religions throughout history. Most of these men shared the same Judeo-Christian beliefs in God and his relationship with man. For GW inaugural buttons, the engravers choose the Six Ray Estoile above the American Federal Eagle as a heraldry symbol. The two combine symbols is used as an announcement for the birth of the United States to it’s patriots and colonists. I believe the symbol’s roots originally come from the earlier Christian belief that the Bethlehem Star was used by God to make the announcement to the Magi priests that his son Jesus Christ was born on earth. So, one can conclude that the Estoile Star in GW inaugurals heralds the birth of America as a new nation in the world that is under the divine guidance of God. A religious way to look at it would be the Eagle & Star’s heraldry is used as an announcement like the biblical angel trumpeting a horn to announce, proclaim, or too signal an important event or coming. One should also not underestimate the Masonic view as to why George Washington inaugural buttons are designed the way they are. The symbols help support their criteria for a new world order of enlightenment. This symbol ties into their lodges Constitutional framework. The principle idea is that men of different religions and beliefs can come together and agree that a God exists, and also their understanding of God compels them to do good in the community in which they live.

     Remember, the estoile heraldry is defined as, “Goodness,”  and was used as a holy the symbol representation on the tomb for Jesus Christ, and then later adopted by the ancient Merovingian Kings. We see the same design of the dots depicted in the Crown of the King & Constitution, and the variant’s GWI 1, 12, 13, and 24 inaugural buttons. All of these variants use different number of center dots which have multiple meanings. GWI 1 single egg could stand for the unity of the nation, E. Pluribus Unum. While GWI 13-E could represent the Inanna representation of the Ishtar and the Goddess mother of birth and renewal. These button’s that uses 7 rays or dots to make a Star symbol in the center is suppose to be interpreted as a sign of God.

7 dots on crown copy