* Changing GWI to New Nation Tribute Classification *


~ New Nation (1st Birthday) Tribute Buttons ~

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  After studying George Washington inaugural and New Nation Tribute buttons for years, We believe that past collectors and researchers have mis-identified New Nation Tribute buttons as George Washington inaugural buttons. Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans did design and engrave the dies for both GWI & NNT buttons around the same time. We believe their intent was to have a separate theme buttons which honored both historical events equally. The first being George Washington as our 1st elected President, and the 2nd to celebrate the birth of our new federal government under a state ratified Constitution.

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       In their declaration it would be justified that a Special Celebratory button would have been designed and sold commemorating the unification of the 13 individual states under a united (States) umbrella. George Washington, the Founders, and the Council of Enlightened Visionaries worked tirelessly in framing out a new societal construct known as, The Grand Architect’s Design.” This was similar and ran parallel to the Bible’s Great Architect of the Universe construct. These Visionaries of high society including George Washington would naturally commemorated their appreciation of all the necessary steps taken by many individuals in the Post-Revolution political climate to reach the point of enacting their Grand Architects design; which represented the the offer of a promised New Republic’s which served as the embodiment of New Age’s Enlightened Ideals.

       New Nation Tribute buttons has a reflective meaning of biblical connotation of God’s heavenly glory toward the New Republic’s dream of equality for all. The representative promise is reflected in New Nation Tribute buttons of their embodied vision of social status equality for Jews and Catholics outside the white Anglo Protestant English and German nationalities.

       So, we believe there was a positive sentimental message uniquely intended for both George Washington inaugural and New Nation tribute buttons. I like to think of the two 1789-97 Celebratory buttons as, two messaged buttons with unique birth certificates. GWI’s are a commemorative tribute button made for George Washington as our first President, and NNT buttons are reflecting aspirational accomplishment of the many virtues men working in collaboration for their achievement of a Constitutionally ratified federal government. As history likes to say that Congress directed all the 13 state legislatures to call for ratification conventions in each of the 13 states, but by who’s direction were these legislators really acting as agents of ? High Society elites with new found prosperity avenues? Let us just put aside the fact of the plain sight goal of having the states ratify the constitution. Let us Widen our Lens, and realize the Grand Architect’s Design is being orchestrated by George Washington and his Council of unseen Visionaries. So, trust me when I say, even though everyone had deep affection for George Washington’s accomplishments and was delighted to honor him as the father of our country and our 1st President, there was a lot of “Worker Bees” networking in a strategic positioning manor (Chessboard) to make our country one nation under God. Hence, this is the main reason why I correct all previous George Washington inaugural button collectors, and make the distinction between George Washington inaugural and New Nation tribute buttons. 

 For our noted historians who facilitate the American Dream story to our Children, I will add this.

The states and the dates of ratification are listed here, in order of ratification:

  • Delaware: December 7, 1787

  • Pennsylvania: December 12, 1787

  • New Jersey: December 18, 1787

  • Georgia: January 2, 1788

  • Connecticut: January 9, 1788

  • Massachusetts: February 6, 1788

  • Maryland: April 28, 1788

  • South Carolina: May 23, 1788

  • New Hampshire: June 21, 1788 (With this state’s ratification, the Constitution became legal.)

  • Virginia: June 25, 1788

  • New York: July 26, 1788

  • North Carolina: November 21, 1789

  • Rhode Island: May 29, 1790 (Rouge Island did not hold a Constitutional Convention.)  


The True Meaning of The Morning Glory Reveled


The New Republics Morning Glory

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       There is a beautiful thing about allusions. The intended recipients always receive the message clearly, there is no mistake about it’s intended meaning. The American Patriots from the Post-Revolutionary War, and their children’s children for more then 229 years will always see the allusion intended by the Enlightened Visionaries Scottish Master Artisan Robert Scot and his band of Philadelphia Artisans. The message is pure and honest with a positive aspirational intension. They wanted to capture the hopes and dreams of the ones who sacrificed and offered a clear message in the Spirit of 76! The 13 stars arched over the eagle’s head in GWI 15 is representative of the 13 states that ratified the Constitution and united as one nation under God, and taking it’s rightful place amongst the Constellations as the other nations of the world did


ARS Notoria


       So, let’s have an ancient Egyptian story of the Early Dynastic of 3150-2686 or Old Kingdom of 2686-2121 BC, the early Bronze Age. The Notary art of Solomon notes that during Orations there were Special Magical Incantations which allowed the speaker to communicate directly with God. The purpose of which was to communicate with God directly to receive divine knowledge of all the sciences and mathematics which would reveal to the enlighten one all the wonders of nature, and the inner workings of everything in the universe. Hence, this is the Truth behind the Morning Glory. Understanding NNT 15’s Heavenly Swirls and Rays of Enlightenment through the 13 stars up to the Great Architect of the Universe. 


Council of Enlightened Visionaries Infuse ARS Notoria in Morning Glory

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       So, let us begin unraveling why Enlightened Visionaries purposefully placed the Morning Glory symbol on New Nation Tribute 15’s button. Let us put aside what you have been taught and expand our lens into history. We start with the foundation that their was an unseen hand of Visionaries creating a new framework for a federal government and it’s role over it’s citizens. Through state legislators the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries were secretly embedding religious foundations through Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans.  This new framework provided for world multi-cultural aspects, along with the Bible’s Great Architects of the Universe’s Devine design. They were able to craft and infuse this into a subcutaneous Allusion that was not suppose to be for public knowledge but still hidden for specific reasons within New Nation Tribute button Patriot and New Republic symbology. This hidden truth was only suppose to be known by the enlightened visionaries who created the new societal framework. For reasons unknown, (Possibly because of the perceived class stratification), they kept the knowledge under the veil of main stream societies understanding. So, I will spare you the historian’s explanation of the Morning Glory and and facilitate the True meaning of the Morning Glory in two words, “Ars Notoria.” Yup, well done I knew you knew the answer from above.


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1775 George Washington Commander & Chief Uniform Cuff Button


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       Time to educate the public Robert style. lol. I can actually make a stronger arguments for GWI 1 & 12 the most popular buttons for being New Nation Tribute buttons. Yup, there is absolutely nothing on those buttons that pay tribute to George Washington. they pay more tribute to the establishment of our federal government. The fallacy you learned is that the Federal Stripe Shield is the representation of the 13 colonies. Yes, for the Patriots, and No for the enlightened ones. Yes, Allusions again. It was the flag of the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries and Sons of Liberty first. They used this stripe symbol “Years before” the states united. Historians have to remember it was very slow getting people to join the patriots cause. There was a build-up of a succession number of events which finally turned the citizenry against the British. In the beginning, most citizenry and our 1st Congress was against joining the Patriot’s Cause. Go see the first flag George Washington raised at Cambridge Massachusetts. Humm, let me show you a picture of the Patriot’s Rally-Cry! This isn’t Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s 8 segmented snake either. Yup, Pssst, here is your “Rattlesnake button” on a flag giving you a tight-date to Revolutionaries propaganda war! So, why the Allusion. There are many reasons, and I am not going to type it all out for you as Dale told me once. When you understand the Truth it will fall into place, but must be learned first in ancient history and religion.



       Let’s move onto the Eagle, or should we say Scottish Transformational Dove? This would not be the correct context the Eagle was taken from. Dale, with his infinite wisdom filled me in on this inadvertently in another historical context of symbols used early on in American Revolution. So, everyone is comfortable believing this is the Majestic American Bald Eagle. But how can that be? I own the only uniform button from General George Washington’s because I know what it was and looked like before my eyes finally rested on it.. How do I know for sure? We will get to that Truth soon. I want to correct something real quick for people that love to follow my work into the Scottish Royal culture. This is not Robert Scot’s Transformational Dove. Which originates from the Scottish-Pictish conversation back around the Iron Age in the 6 to 8th Century. The Artistry itself is the Allusion in the Morning Glory. For Robert Scot only drew “1” eagle his whole life, and that was for the Encyclopedia.


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       Historians and GWI button collectors say out of incomprehension that GWI 15’s eagle is taken from an artisans rendition of the Great Seal of the United States. But this story has a timeline flaw that isn’t obvious at first. the right questions must be asked, and they never are. So, first, how was George Washington using Eagle buttons on his military uniform 13-15 years before the Artisans drew an Eagle for the Great Seal in 1787? Where is the symbol originating from? All you smart people are saying Washington took it from the Romans. Hummm that does sound plausible, and he was hailed parallel to Cincinnati. This is where the Allusion works best for the unenlightened. The Allusion in the works: George Washington needed a military style symbol and purposefully placed a Roman triumphant Eagle standard and placed a 13 stripe shield representing our colonies on it. Hence, We have a popular Patriot foundation for a country though propaganda messaging. The George Washington inaugural button GWI 1 & 12. Lets just put the Bow on it people! Done. The Council of Enlightened Visionaries Sell it to the Patriots through Robert Scot’s Philadelphia Artisans in GWI celebratory buttons. Well being a red White, and Blue American I like that story, BUT….. I see the enlightenment, and promised Clarity, Direction, and Truth.

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       I promised my loyal visitors who follow my work that in 2018, I am going to widen your lens with providing Clarity, Direction, and Truth! So, the best point of entry is usually near somewhere near the beginning. Let’s pick 1774/5. With the context that George Washington, the 2nd Continental Congress, and the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries didn’t care about the Bald American Eagle. No Majesty for this fisherman yet, and Dr. Benjamin Franklin would have stuck a more purposeful bird on his bumper sticker..lol 

       So, lets get to the Truth. In 1774 George Washington has no country, or official Crest to represent his American Colonial family with 2nd class citizenship statues. Wouldn’t  have been seen as appropriate to the Higher Station elites with British citizenship. Unlike today, ones status what their Golden ticket in this 18th century era.  George Washington is Colonial high society, and limited in his rise in prosperity due to his British 2nd class colony citizenship. He even begrudgingly acknowledges this when he meets with the 1st Continental Congress wearing his British Colonel uniform. Understanding his station in life is getting in the way of his prosperity.

       So, it was declared on June 5th 1775 by the Second Continental Congress, that George Washington would be the right person to serve as Commander & Chief. His past experience in the French Indian War  offered the proper experience and insights to of lead the Continental Army against the British Army for who he once served as an officer. George Washington completely acknowledged regrettably that he would lead a loose affiliation of untrained and undisciplined citizens who’s make-up consisted of outraged patriots who were farmers and not soldiers. George Washington knew before he assumed the role as Commander and Chief he could not go to war against the British in their uniform colors or choose their representative insignia.

        So, in his wisdom he had a Special Continental Army Uniform made with Special Buttons to pay proper tribute. But what symbol would he choose, and why? This was 1775 12/13 years before we had a any introduction of federal insignia by Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans. It cannot be the Rally-Cry Rattlesnake the Enlightened Revolutionaries choose for their buttons either. The Rattlesnake symbol was being used by the Council of Revolutionaries which had it’s own true meaning and deep seated Allusions which we’re specifically geared for the propaganda war to rally the Patriots. Plus, as an Enlightened Revolutionary himself, he was completely aware of the truthful meaning behind the Allusion the Rattlesnake symbol. This symbol would not fit the framework needed to represent the Commander and Chief of the Continental Army, but perfect for a revolutionary Battle Flag, yes it is the perfect Rally-Cry for oppressed citizens.

       In this era, people were very specific with the identity of their family, and they chose would represent specific meanings for authoritative or religious divine right. With this framework in mind for choosing the proper representative symbol he choose his own family’s heritage by using his great grandfather’s family crest that adorned their family mansion in Tring, Hertfordshire, England. The Eagle! This is the Truth! As evidence to the button above being found in Taney Town MD.. To support the accuracy of the ownership of this button belonging to George Washington Commander and Chief I was able to find some cross-match era Artisan depictions of General Washington in uniform, and match the only coat button attributed to him.

       The first, is the artist depiction of Amos Dolittle’s Medium engraving of “A Display of United States of America.” Since this was printed in 1791, there could have been a cross-match to William Rollison’s buttons made for the inauguration. This was unlikely because written documentation clearly shows he was commissioned to chase the Coat of Arms of the United States. Plus, appropriate behavior of high society conduct would not allow George Washington to wear his families Coat of Arms Crest as President. This would be everything his Enlightened Visionaries were fighting against. So, he was very cautious about setting a president and image of the President of the United States office. Also, the representative meaning of the shield. Lastly, the construction places it back another 15 years. William Rollison’s hand chased buttons were much superior in it’s construction.

       Knowing that their was one known coat button off George Washington’s uniform comes from a tavern in Fishkill, New York. George Washington during the Revolutionary War stayed and signed the inn’s book as a visiting patron. Immediately after his departure the family found a coat button in his room. the button was kept by the family and saved through the generations with the visitors log and the button matches mine exactly. George Washington probably didn’t realize in 1775, he would have to assume the responsibility of the Pater Patria one day.

       After the Revolution he had no use his Great Grandfathers Crest with the mix of the Son’s of Liberty Shield. The Enlightened Revolutionaries would now become the Enlightened Visionaries and use the Great Seal of the United states to usher in Stage 2 of their Grand Architect’s design. Everything falls into place perfectly if you understand the proper edict of the era and what was done in proper framework of the Enlightened Visionaries.

Even though he tried, George Washington was never able to trace his family lineage to providing divine authority through his family. This might be the reason the Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries chose the House of Stuart if the New Republic didn’t last. So, once again I use Dale’s formula of Clarity, Direction =Truth! 

      New Nation Tribute buttons use a variation of the Great Seal of the United States. This motif includes an Eagle with Arrows, an Olive Branch or Wheat Stalks, A Federal Shield, Morning Glories, Stars, and Swirling Clouds. This combination of depictions represents America and is symbolic of all it’s strong founding qualities. This button is an Allusion that was crafted by the Council of Revolutionaries for pure propaganda purposes. Just like you and I wear an American Flag Pin that is intended to imply by the wearer that “I am a Proud American.”

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      Just thinking to myself. Maybe if the British Empire would award me two 6.7 million dollar contracts to allow some real connectivity between the stars, I would help enlighten my Patriot brothers seeking truth in a new manor. Even though I can appreciate how Don facilitates already known recorded historical information in a Pedestrian Manor, I still prefer a more Cosmopolitan nature of an Enlightened Free Thinker such as what we offer through our library’s Rattlesnake, GWI & NNT buttons.