1st Scottish History

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     Robert Scot was sent to America by several factions of Scottish Royal families as, “The International Guild President.” His authority would cover all practicing artisans of all nationalities operating in the American colonies; as well as other European countries. Only Robert Scot was granted the Royal authority (and trained from childhood) to use the Scottish Royal Culture Symbols of the House of Stuart in the commissioned artistry he produced. Accompanying this authority is the right to use the Royal religious symbol “E” which grants divinity from God.

     *Meaning, there was a plan set in motion to infuse Scottish Royal Culture into the U.S. Federal System. (By whom in Europe)? America’s newly introduced insignia originates in the history of Scottish Royal Culture and will act as the official authoritative backing in country affairs with foreign nations. So, using his platform in America Very Discreetly working as the official International Artisan Guild President, he was able to successfully wield his influence behind the scenes of well-known artisans that provided the foundation artwork for America’s insignia and a long list of other official state relics through Congressional Committees.

Many Scots served as Revolutionary War officers for George Washington. Not all were Revolutionaries, some Scots served as privates in several Loyalist Regiments. Some surnames include The Campbell, Mcdonell, McIntosh, Munro, Fraser, and Grant. Each of these noted families came from a Clan and each had a Tartan they bore for identification

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Why President: There are several reasons why George Washington assumed the responsibility as the father of our country and 1st President of the new United States. We are going to look at a thread in his decision-making, which I feel should be brought to historical note. Deportment could have played a role and could have forced George Washington to feel “Obligated” because of the role he played from the French Indian War into the Revolution. The love for the people and the long road of the revolution would not be wasted post-war. There was an Opportunity Vacuum created by Prince Edward Stuart’s death in 1788. This should not be overlooked as a “future claim” to the lands of America. The death of the exiled Prince (who was “Unlawfully” out of power by the Hanovers) created a cancellation of any future legal Rights of Hereditary claim over America by future generations of the House of Stuart. This was the opportunity for the New World Order to establish its roots and slip from legality by any future Hereditary Land Claims. Meaning, that the representative republic of America would not be ruled by any claim by a future King or a Religious Hierarchical leader who supported that claim.

     We know that George Washington’s personal life was submerged in generational traditions of Scottish Royal culture. Stations in life provided avenues of social upward mobility through the families he associated with, and also the connections through the Masonic fraternity of Gentry brothers. Masonry should be strongly noted in this era because social relationships were mainly cultivated through Scottish Masonic Lodges. These lodges would adhere to Strict Observance (Key). In this period, George Washington had an obligation as an upright Mason, which created a personal responsibility of deportment and etiquette in their noted societal station in life. This Revolutionary War path he followed and his station in life bond combined with his masonic creed (as defined in the section above) was an important thread in his assuming the responsibility of both father of our country and America’s 1st President.

     So, in a macro-lens of America’s “World Sovereignty,” we can also look at the decision-making process by King George III of England. King George III of England offered George Washington his Crown over the Americas, and would politically outmaneuver the future claims of the House of Stuart by an alliance. This would help solidify the treaty of sorts regarding the Hanoverians’ power in both country’s legal dealings.

     As noted in history, George Washington had no desire for a Crown, and in the early days of the Revolution, he wore the House of Stuart’s Phoenix, and the Sons of Liberty Stripes on his Continental Army Commander & Chief’s uniform. The virtues of the New Ideals and Enlightenment were an interpretation of a “combination of noble precepts” steaming from England’s The Order of the Garter and Scotland’s Order of the Thistle. This would be the new underlying social contracts for the upcoming age of Enlightenment and New Ideals soon presented by the propaganda measures of the Sons of Liberty for the Patriot Cause. George Washington’s Continental uniform button below serves as, “direct irrefutable evidence” that he believed through legality and social etiquette that only the Bonnie Prince could claim heir apparent to America, not King George of England. Some American Gentry in the early years of the Revolution could have held the belief of some kind of restoration of the House of Stuart in America after the war. This should be seen as a Scottish Gentry rally cry. One of Scottish & underground English propaganda. Anyway, for researchers into banking beyond Robert Morris & Haym Salomon, all (3) roads ultimately will lead to the Bank of Scotland in Italy, not the front of the Rothchilds’ borrowed finance money. Meaning,….. Scots. 


Understanding Bonnie’s numbers 3, 5, 6, 8, and 13

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     In Artisans Robert Strange’s engraving below of Prince Edward Stuart circa 1745, we see symbols that were adopted within the foundational number symbology starting in America’s Federal Government in 1789. In the portrait, the young Bonnie Prince is wearing the Blue Sash and 8 Point Star of the Order of the Garter. The 8 Point Star has an indirect religious reference to Bonnie being born on December 31, 1720, under the Bethlehem Star as the coming of the future King. The Order itself is made up of the King and his 12 Sir Knights making the symbolic number 13. The code of this Order of the Garter combined with the Code of the Order of the Thistle would turn into the “Foundational Morality” of the Grand Architect Design which was put for in American society by Scottish Enlightenment Ideals perpetrated by the University of St. Andrews in Edinburg, Scotland, and English social club Gentry members who secretively supported the Jacobite movement in the 1760s. The Laurel Sprig and 3 Berries represent the Laurel Crown placed upon his head at Holyrood Castle in 1745 as the future King. They could not place a real crown on his head because his father was alive at the time. He was seen as a Roman Triumphant Caesar of sorts whose victory in Edinburg in 1745, and future victories over the Hanoverians would restore his divine title of the III King of Scotland & VIII of England in the future. The 3 Ostrich Feathers originate from Edward the Black Prince in 1330-1376 eldest son and heir apparent of Edward III of England. This is considered the heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales, for which the hereditary rightful heir to become the King of England will come. This makes the young pretender the rightful natural-born son through James II & VII divinity. Next is the Phoenix helmet which symbolizes the Zoroastrian religion and the Rebirth of Bonnie King on the eve of December 31st, 1720. At the time there were tribute songs and poetry associated with the birth of the future king. Divinity associations of him being born under the Bethlehem 8 Point Star from Pope Clemente XI helped cement his divine right of kings, and VIII king in coming to England. The 6-pointed Star also represents him as the coming of the King, and him being the right hand of God which is in all his earlier portraits and medals. All these numbers can easily be found before, during, and after the American Revolution. This would be represented in Rattlesnake buttons, Rev. War flags, and propaganda media. Indirectly, speaking he would be considered the King of Jerusalem which would automatically make him the Sovereign Grandmaster of all Freemasons. So, to tie into American Freemasonry known as Jacobite strongholds during the revolution which inducted landed gentry association with 5 Point Stars in pentagram ritual association.  I give you the unseen connection as I pull the curtain aside….. .

 Before Robert Scot’s artisans transformed it, the Zoroastrian Fire Alter combined Prince Edward Stuart’s Royal Phoenix symbol is where America’s Eagle originates. The Phoenix symbol is a Royal Crest of birth which belongs to Scotland’s Prince Edward Stuart. When he was born in Italy on the new year, December 31st, 1720, a Scottish poet wrote about Bonnie’s birth symbolizing the re-birth. The Phoenix symbol, the birth song ended up turning into an artisan propaganda symbol of composure celebrated by loyalists of the House of Stuart. The Bonnie represented the birth of their “Ascension” back into because power, and then was confirmed religiously by Pope Cement XI (who ushered all this formally) upon his birth. The Phoenix was then used forward as Bonnie’s signature which would be incorporated into his Coat of Arms (Helmet) during his propaganda battle against the British in the 1740s. This (Transformational) Phoenix was worn on Washington’s earliest Commander and chief’s uniform in 1775. Meaning, that Washington knew ultimately that this was the Bonnie’s army, and his Scottish noble Jacobites out of power were the true movement behind America’s cause. The Zoroastrian religion is the world’s oldest and extant religion. It is Monotheistic (one God), with the concept of good over evil. Even though Judaeo-Christianity was the world’s religion at this point, knights and nobles would still practice Zoroastrianism through their Orders. The 18th Century was the beginning of the end of “practicing rituals” within lodges through new sects like Strict Observance.   


Technically this button could be viewed as
the earliest Artisan Rendition (1775 )

of the
Great Seal of the United States

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The Allusion:  George Washington’s 1774/1775 Continental Army Uniform Button depicted the “Sons of Liberty 13 Stripes” on the Bonnie Prince’s Zoroastrian Phoenix insignia. The 13 stripes represented the 13 colonies. I believe the 13 stripes are the representation of Prince Edward Stuart and the 12 knights of the Order of the Garter. (This would later be the bottom star on GWI 9 with the 12 stipples). As General of the Continental Army against the British Army, George Washington carried the Bonnie’s Phoenix with the Zoroastrian Rebirth message on his uniform buttons from the first battle in Cambridge when it broke out in 1775. Then 12 years later in the establishment of a Federal Government, Robert Scot skillfully transformed Prince Edward Stuart’s recognized symbol into the American Eagle. This gave the appearance of “America’s birth” to the patriots while continuing the propaganda Rebirth message for the Scottish Gentry. The Allusion is for the common citizenry, the true intent of the American Revolution was the restoration of power for the House of Stuart and Scottish families out of power. 

     The death of Prince Edward Stuart in 1788, placed Robert Scot into the position of being able to graft the King’s Right of Sovereignty ” E,” and through the Artisan allusion technique, Scot was able to lay it into the foundation of the Grand Architects Design for our government. This was not any kind of tribute or representation symbol for George Washington as President. This is supported by the infusion of the letter “E” into 18th-century governmental insignia and state relics which were created by the same Philadelphia artisans under Robert Scot’s authority as the guild’s Master Artisan President. 

The Scottish Roots in America’s Cause Reflected in A Button: George Washington’s Gilt  Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle Uniform button he wore as Commander and Chief would be the earliest “Artist Creation” of the Great Seal of the United States!  Gary Gianotti’s irrefutable evidence proves Robert Scot was the International Artisan Guild President directly from Scotland. Scot had behind-the-scenes influence as an “Unknown Superior of Strict Observance,” and was part of the “Creative force” that was behind the symbolism of the Scottish crown, and then influence behind the Great Seal Design within Congressional Committees. The Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle button above engraved by Robert Scot would be worn by George Washington, and then 12 years later with the death of the Bonnie Prince, it was transformed into America’s Eagle, The Great Seal of the United States!

     We will also examine the reasoning behind why specific Scottish cultural symbols were placed within America’s founding insignia and official objects. We know that Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans had the proper education and artistry talent to provide a hidden Scottish Royal Culture and Judaeo-Christian foundations, but we need to look deeper and look at what they were trying to accomplish. Understanding the strategy put in place if the New Republic’s experiment in self-governance was successful or failed is very important. Understanding the concept of how European wealthy families and religious leaders dominated the economic structure of banking is very important to understanding the reasoning behind the Scottish Symbol placement and the societal construct of the Grand Architects Design. You will determine and measure through our history if the Scottish high society families’ strategy of preventing European Old Wealth through their financing (Banking) didn’t establish a dominant foothold in America’s ownership of the Country’s Resources.

       I believe that George Washington, the Founders, and this unseen Scottish Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries acted as visionaries and made a new strategic Chessboard that could be Transformational to fit societal needs as they changed. They were able to set up a strategic (Chessboard) plan using various networks to accomplish their vision. They were able to place pieces and provide the necessary tools for each piece to be successful. One of many vehicles was Robert Scot who was the International Guild President sent from Scotland and acted as an Unknown Superior (Strict Rite). He would be able to oversee and utilize under an umbrella all nationality artisans in America through his high social status. Another tool (Chess Piece) was the affiliated neighborhood Scottish Masonic lodges. The Scottish lodges provided a strong network for the high-society Scottish elite families. The lodges were used as a social vehicle where everyone who was a patriot came together to promote the agenda (Cause) of liberty and independence. This wide range of membership would include the artisans, all kinds of high society elites in political positions, as well as the disgruntled second-class citizenry who are pawns in carrying out various missions or acting as Revolutionary War Soldiers.