Who Made
George Washington
New Nation Tribute Buttons

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So, who made George Washington Inaugural, and New Nation Tribute Buttons?

     This section is just going to give GWIB collectors an overview of my research, and not the direct answers that I will publish later with supporting evidence toward my findings. GWI button collectors have always believed that George Washington Inaugural, New Nation Tribute, Scottish Jacobite, and some religious buttons were crafted and designed by unknown “American-born” artisans and craftsman who made copper hardware, jewelry, and coins. This would be totally inaccurate and not the case for these types of buttons. These buttons were made by Robert Scot and his Philadelphia artisans. One must put aside the aspect of American manufactures, and look at who had the taught skills in engraving items during this era. These skills were usually safeguarded by certain families who were part of guild artisans. Usually, a persons admission was through birth or marriage which allowed an individual to learn the secrets. Guilds in 18th century America were strictly controlled by a hierarchy of established families who barred admittance to the general public.

     So, before we begin our journey, a collector must realize there is a distinguishable difference in the level of artistry that was presented in our first celebratory buttons, and other common molded buttons that were produced by American coppersmiths, or blacksmiths. These celebratory  buttons which were made by guild artisans have a subcutaneous Scottish Royal Culture and Judaeo-Christian symbols which were masked purposefully to Patriots and the populace outside of Freemasonry.  

    Thought society we see examples of hidden Freemasonry symbols that are within Federal & State government  buildings, currency notes, coins, official seals, and maps. Placing these symbols is not something that came around in the 18th century. For thousands of years throughout the European countries elite family would adorn their fireplaces and residences with crests and or family seals which would carry these symbols.

     My historical research into these button’s symbols afforded me with a conclusion that there is 3 distinguishing types of buttons made for the celebration of events slated for April 30th 1789. So, before we begin, a collector must take note to the significance of Revolutionary Rattlesnake buttons which were made by guild artisans for Freemasons prior to 1789, and then its continuance afterward for a short period of time. These type of patriotic buttons represent a political statement that uses Charles I & II meaning of Resistance and Restitution. As a sympathy for the Jacobite cause was resurrected once again in the 1760 in Scotland and England social clubs would bring this symbolism once more in their rebellion. 
     From my research I have come to conclude that there are three types of celebratory 1789 buttons: George Washington Inaugural buttons, New Nation Tribute buttons, and Scottish Religious Jacobite buttons. continue draft 11/01/18