Second Great Seal
* 1783 *

The 1783 2nd Great Seal – Rediscovered !

     The U.S. Great Seal is the official emblem that is used to validate an official document. The seal is kept by the Secretary of State and is affixed to official documents such as, Presidential signed proclamations, Foreign treaties, and certain Military orders. The depiction of the American Eagle is thought to be the work of Charles Thomson, who was the secretary of the Continental Congress. The Great Seal has been recut six times for various reasons, but is still precisely as decreed by the Continental Congress on June 20th 1782.  The 2nd U. S. Great Seal depicted above has been called our nation’s sovereign Rosetta Stone. Presented in the link below, is Gary’s hands-on field research that gives a fresh new insight that is supported by concrete evidence. I asked Gary to make a presentation for our website patrons, and I believe you will be happy that he shared his new insight and findings. 

This is the Link to Gary Gianotti’s Field Research:  The Little Brother Story

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Photograph & Introduction by Robert J. Silverstein.
Courteous of the Swan Foundation at Washington Crossing Museum.


Thomsons Drawing of the Great Seal RJ Silverstein O

Charles Thomson’s Actual Drawing of the Great Seal