America’s Sovereignty

The Birthright of America
comes from a Royal family feud
between the German-England House of Hanover
Scotland-England House of Stuart 


Mary, Queen of Scots, was brought up in France,
where she adopted the French spelling of the name, Stuart.
Her son, James I of England & VI of Scotland, inherited the thrones of
England and Ireland upon the death of Elizabeth I of England & Ireland.


                                      *  *

Scotland Legitimate Heirs to America                  Great Britains Legitimate Heirs to America

Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain, Protestant.                                     Queen Elizabeth I of Great Britain, Protestant.
King James I of England, Protestant, Born Edinburg, Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots mother.                Same
King Charles I of England, Protestant, Born Dunfermline, Scotland, Anne of Denmark Mother.              Same
King Charles II of England, Protestant, Born in London England, Henrietta Maria of France.                  Same
King James II of Scotland, Protestant, Converted to Catholicism.   William III & Queen Anne of Great Britain, Protestant
King James II of Scotland, England, Ireland,Protestant.                   Queen Sophia of the Palatinate, Protestant.
King James III Claimant to the Throne of Great Britain.                  George I King of Great Britain & Ireland, Protestant.
                                                                                                          George II King of Great Britain & Ireland, Protestant.
                                                                                                          George III King of The United Kingdom, Protestant.

 *Charles Edward Stuart Claimant to the Throne of Great Britain.

     Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland dies in 1788. He is the 1st born son in a legitimate line of succession to the throne of Great Britain. Two sided sword: With the establishment of the House of Hanover’s lineage for Great Britain, America is free to cut the Scotland’s Royal House of Stuart claim to it’s land, and natural resources with the death of the Bonnie Prince. Loyalists working through Robert Scot in the states was laying the foundational framework for the Scottish Gentry in America for over a decade. Robert Scot started embedding Scottish Royal Culture in southern state currency notes and by the Bonnie’s death he was doing all Federal Insignia and Congressional Committee Seals. Since, this was a big part of the Scottish Gentry’s Grand Architects Design, the loyalists continued forward with an “Un-attachment” to the masked Scottish Royal Culture symbols belonging to the House of Stuart. Without an heir to the Scottish Royal Culture from the Prince Stuart’s family, the United States is free to use the House of Stuarts Right of Divinity on the World’s stage for official authority. In the future, there can never be an underlying authority behind the U.S. belonging to the throne of Great Britain. The reason behind Robert Scot’s Artistry Allusion technique? Do George Washington Inaugural buttons have no backmark for a reason? 



Where does America’s Sovereignty Authority Originate?

      Even in this era there was an etiquette of diplomacy required between nations for trade. Americas’s 1st foreign ministers like Dr. Benjamin Franklin then followed by Thomas Jefferson began laying the foundations for America’s Sovereignty on the World’s Stage. France was a haven for the House of Stuart and exiled Scottish Gentry Loyalist. Where these the 12 knights of the Order of the Garter or Thistle? Royal families used Masonic Lodges and Clubs to network and control the Gentry. At this point, they were used as political and social vehicles to suit the Royal families agendas. 

Was America’s sovereignty being prepared by the Scottish American Loyalist prior to the American Revolution in European nations for the Bonnie Prince? I agree their was a part of Washington that did it for the love of his people, but with the Bonnie’s untimely death in 1788, Washington felt obligated by his peers and the Scottish Gentry loyalists to establish an office of a President.

     The New Republic was an opportunity to open the flood gates of wealth without foreign ownership of land and natural resources. Shaping America’s future will come through competing interests in financing and banking. President Washington will try to impose safeguards immediately during his 1st administration against foreign investments, but will ultimately give way before he leaves office in 1797.

      Why do we still give in U.S. History books our parents England under Sophia’s Succession and not James II? Well this story is based in George Washington Inaugural Buttons. These buttons act as a tribute to the Great Undertaking and Accomplishments by a generational group of Scottish gentry who were out of political power. They formulated a new societal construct known as the “Grand Architects Design.” This was to improve the quality of life for all individuals despite their personal characteristics of birth or hereditary factors.

We see in the lineage tree below 2 successions. Under Sophia’s succession we had George II & George III of Britain. The Hanoverians skillfully maneuvered their side of succession to dethrone James II, and cut off his succession from Charles I. This forced Loyal Scottish Clan & European Scot families out of their established positions of political and economic power. This political unrest unrest was cultivated over many years in social clubs for the elites and royal families. (These Civil Wars in Scottish & English Politics was the root for the emergence of Social Club Jackets being trimmed with political buttons to make social, political, or religious statements. I mention this to keep in mind as, ” the root” of America’s Rattlesnake propaganda buttons which were worn by Patriots in Masonic Lodges). To establish a Sophia Succession, the German-English Hanover family was able to gain enough English Gentry political support, and was able to dethrone King James II of Scotland in 1698. He would no longer be the King of Scotland, England, Ireland, and the Natural Heir Apparent to the Americas. The Hanover family would be able to rule America through George I, II & III.

Is where our history books faulted us, and gave us the wrong monarchy and mother country? British Parliament oppressed the colonists, not liberated it’s people. What would America be like if the legitimate King James II, and his religious freedoms were rule of law in America? Would we even of had a an American Revolution in 1776?

Perspective: Republicans won the office and we have a Republican President ruling with “our people in political positions” friendly tax policies and giving people the jobs they want. The Democrats lost the election, and now have been living under Republican rule, and they really hate it. They lost all their political power, and they are planning (plotting?) everywhere geographically for the return of their kind of president / king, and way of life. They make anti-republican buttons to wear on their clothes and talk to foreign nations behind the republicans back of power. hmm, sounds like the same thing in todays times.

This Royal family split is important, because it answers all the questions in the undercurrent of America’s establishment of federal insignia, constitutional values, and multi-culture religious freedoms that is represented as a Sovereign Nation of the world’s stage. The Scottish Clan members and elites were now cast out of power by Sophia’s succession, and replaced by the new German Hanover family. The European Jacobites were the exiled Scottish Gentry who lost their social, political, and economic standing. Many fled into other friendly European nations like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, ect.., and yes of course America. lol


Robert Scot’s King & Constitution button

     There are actually, “Two Types of King and Constitution buttons. The first ones were made for the Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the support for the restoration of the House of Stuart. The second type was made later in England for King George III.  I believe the English variant buttons were produced in the 1780’s and continued through the 1790’s. The Scottish King & Constitution buttons were made in America by the Master Artisan Robert Scot and his guild of Philadelphia Artisans. They were made for the use of propaganda in their quest to support the Bonnie Prince and return the House of Stuarts Royal family to power. Some theorists like myself say that these buttons were specifically made as a propaganda political piece for the Bonnie Prince to claim the Crown in America through Canada.

     The Scottish King & Constitution for the Bonnie Prince could date as far back as Robert Scot’s arrival in 1775, but most likely they were made in 1778. I was able to determine the date based on when his band of Philadelphia artisans were able to work together in Pennsylvania as artisans. All the Scottish King and Constitution buttons bear Robert Scot and his guild artisans engraver’s maker marks


How America Seized a Birthright for Sovereignty

Annuit Coeptis

The Eye of Providence on Columbia
The Enlightened Visionaries Guiding the Development
in a Constructive Framework to Offer a Better New Republic

I don’t know if i could have written this page without the positive light from Dale, and the Scottish history from Gary, but there must be a balance between the two for people to properly have the correct prospective of the Beauty that was created by our enlightened visionaries.

The 18th Century New Republic

We live in a world where change is inevitable, but live in a society where man’s comfort with the way things are established in society causes his resistance to change. The rate of change by the new ways of thinking is often times slow. Robert Scot came to America in 1775 as an International Artisan President and “Unknown Superior” of a sect called, “Strict Obedience.” In a form of control the Scottish Gentry in Europe offered the established Masonic Lodges in America a new form of Rite Order known as, “The Order of Strict Observance.” In masonry terms this was another series of progressive degrees which were directed by the (Royal families & Scottish Gentry Class) of Unknown Superiors. This was their modern way of reforming masonry by eliminating the cult sciences which was practiced in the lodges, and attracting membership to the lower social class of citizens. One of the aspects of the Rite of Strict Observance was that it’s members had to swear an oath to blind follow the directives of “Unknown Superiors” who ruled their Order. This invisible leader was said to have possibly been the exiled Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland. This is where it gets a little cloudy. Prince Edward Stuart could not have done what would be necessary in the daily undertakings of a revolution in the colonies. There needed to be someone operating within the colonies to actively make the relationships necessary for caring out the direction and design of the framework of the path forward in establishing a New Republic. Even though I do not dismiss a formidable relationship between the Bonnie Price Charlie and Robert Scot in the building of a New Republic: I would be apprehensive to believe the Young Pretender would want to immerse himself into the daily operations and supervision that would be needed in this revolutionary task. Robert Scot would have been the only person living in the colonies who would have been in key position of banking, and his placement of an Unknown Superior within the Fredericksburg, VA Masonic lodge to carry out this task. Robert Scot would have had the proper family lineage, education, artistry skillset, and incorporation of historical knowledge to promote a new enlightened vision of Ideals for a pathway forward into a New Republic. Using a small Council of Revolutionaries they promoted their agenda for a New Republic through George Washington, Congressional Committee members, and the network of masonic lodge members throughout the thirteen colonies. Starting with a build-up toward a revolution they introduced patriot symbols from the heraldry of the Scottish Royal Culture and multi-culture Judaeo-Chritian religious meanings into the fabric of the New Republic. 


     As Gary Gianotti pointed out to me years ago, the dollar “Buck” issued by the first Bank of America deliberately infused part of their Scot family insignia. This dollar used a combination of allusions with the Stag Buck and Arrows under the mask of a U.S. Federal Eagle and states. If one looks closely at the Eagle’s left leg they can clearly see the stag symbolizes the stag male deer (a buck) which is the Arms of the Scott’s Buccleuch family. So, the origin of the “Buck” has really no relation to any deer skin currency as folklore, it is a masked tribute as a badge of “Clan Scot.” The use of the term “Buck” could have easily been derived from this hidden symbolism amongst the Gentry issuers.


The Royal company of Archers Still loyal to the House of Stuart

     Evidence clearly shows that Robert Scot adopted the Arrow symbolism in his early American art. We believe Scot infused America’s arrow symbols with an underlying nobility of certain Scottish symbol representations. The use of the Arrows in America’s insignia was the way Robert Scot paid tribute to the Scottish ceremonial presentation at the end of the yearly archery competition of 3 arrows by the Royal Company of Archers to the Queen (Anne). Researchers should note, the Royal Company of Archers were family members of some of the highest ranking families in Scotland. Noble first borns would compete for this high honor. In archery three arrows are termed a pair, on account of the liability of one to break. 

     In the early 18th century, most of the Gentry class in America were loyal Jacobites who were part of the exiled House of Stuart. Even though the Jacobite families had to deal directly with the Hanoverian Crown, the symbolic use of the three arrow symbol could be a revolutionary affirmation by Robert Scot to demonstrate his loyalty to the House of Stuart. He would have had a chorus of Gentry supporters through the network of Masonic lodges who adhered to strict observance.



     The affirmation of Robert Scot’s loyalty to the House os Stuart was carried forward into America’s fabric through contract Congressional commissions. This Scottish allusion even reached into the 1782 Great Seal of the United States underpinning as heralding authority. The affirmation was then passed through other country representational objects such as, seals, coins, and of course George Washington inaugural buttons. As demonstrated in GWI 1, 12, 13 and 24. The allusion to the American patriots would be the arrows stand for the executive, legislative and executive branch. 

Yes, Robert Scot himself and his forefathers were part of the religious Order of the Knights Templar, but their hearts were pure, and were struggling against the evil nature of powerful men that had a stranglehold on society. Through the centuries of living and battling through Scotlands turmoil from the British and their own religious persecution good men stood together and developed a new way of offering people a choice and a direction which would lead our species to salvation. This new societal construct was offered as, “The Grand Architects Design.” It was to promote the idea that man does have a choice in which it governance itself and the conduct we have in dealing with one another as a species.

Unfortunately, because of the overwhelming forces of man’s nature these men had to operate from the shadows and a negative connotation is attached as a stigma. This is part of the evil force they had to combat instead of the purity of their New Ideals for an enlightened society. Yes, Robert Scot was most likely a Unknown Superior who operated and over saw a network of individuals of different nationalities, but it was in a positive nature to help lay the foundations of a better society for man. These men who helped Robert Scot were not on assignment, they offered their services freely because they understood they ugliness and greed that easily consumes mens hearts in self-serving ways. To properly frame this section in the right perspective for your own enlightenment of these men, we are going to stick with just how they were able to accomplish the foundational transformational process. As the bibles Great Architect of the Universe laid out the design for the world and nature, these men had to lay out the proper foundation for our society to change in a positive nature in the Grand Architects Design with the guidance of the Eye of Providence.

Using Scottish Royal Culture and denominational religious virtues shared by many cultures around the world they made a template so they could move forward in laying the foundation of the new united American society. Robert Scot was able to harness his artistry skills and provide an avenue of artistry allusion which would be incorporated into America’s federal and state insignias. Knowing that the adaptive process would be rejected by people because of their fears and resistance to change, Scot and his Council or Revolutionaries had to operate using cloaks of allusions for their new concepts and ideas of a better society.

Since there was a stratification of social classes the Enlightened Revolutionaries were able to benefit moving their agenda forward through the people who were masters of their own craft or ordinary workers in mundane jobs. We should view this as willing participants and unknowing participants who acted in a nature of their own merit. There are many actors in society that who’s services would be needed to be used in benefit for the slow progression of instituting the Grand Architects Design. So, as I demonstrate where the foundation historical stones were being laid it will be left up to you to research it out and advance your own knowledge. Meaning, I will happily provide you the apparatus and even the venue, but for more knowledge you will have the fun of investigating in-order for you to form your own conclusions to see the Truth.





The first United States seal officially originates in 1777, with hidden Templar Master Robert Scot, James Trenchard of N.J., and Pierre du Simitiere in their creation of the official seal for the Board of War and Ordnance. Highlighted above by Gary Gianotti is several of their original engraver signature marks. In reflection to the Templar Knights, Gary noted to me that the two sets of poles for the flags and the pikes form the Knights Templar “V” Chevron. The liberty cap raised between the the Templar Chevron is a Phrygian Cap. What I found significant toward the introduction of the Grand Architects Design is this seal would actually be the first introduction of the “All Seeing Eye” of providence. This design would evolve into the central design of the Army insignia which was authorized by Congress in 1779.




There are two cannons, located at the Charleston Museum in SC, both of which were manufactured by James Byers of Philadelphia. One in 1775 and the other 1777, making these relics two of earliest known cannons surviving in United States history. The designs are associated with the works of Robert Scot’s official seal design for the Board of War in 1777. What should be historically noted is the design use of the Phrygian Cap with the all seeing eye underneath cap, also another demonstration of the Templar Chevron “V” with a Pyramid at the base of the liberty pole.


Charles Thomson’s center piece, “American Eagle on the Wing and Rising”

Charles Thomson’s preliminary sketch of the Great Seal is a rare insight into the strategic positioning of the Enlightened Visionaries crafted chess pieces. The Great Seals final drawing will work in orchestration with other strategic insignia produced by Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans. Their newly introduced insignia masked with Allusions will be strategically positioned on official wax seals of government officials, state militia flags, GWI & NNT buttons, maps, and all kinds of authority backed materials. The allusions embedded within Great Seals insignia will work in concert with the necessary political moves by legislators to unite the 13 states under a newly ratified Constitution. This new federal umbrella will transcend the states independent authority over their own prosperity by offering an all inclusive government guardianship. All these positioning steps will work hand-in-hand to harmoniously integrate all facets of the New Republic’s recently introduced societal construct known as, “The Grand Architect’s Design.” For operational security of the Visionaries construct, this was one of many pieces of evidence which must disappear. Charles Thomson understood this, so he only submitted a written description; and purposefully did not submitting artwork to Congressional Committees for review. Noting that Thomson was a Secretary of Congress, one could reasonably hypothesize that this would serve as evidence that he was purposefully positioned into the appropriate Congressional Committee by the Enlightened Visionaries who used him as a willing pawn in their overall strategy.

Charles Thomson made the seal by taking the best suggestion of 3 committees. The eagle holds 13 arrow on its left talons and 13 olive leaves on a stem there





In the eagle’s right talon, Thomson placed the olive branchsuggested by the second committee whose designs had female figures representing Peace and Liberty holding the olive branch. The Eagle faces toward this ancient symbol that Thomson called “the power of peace.”

In its left talon, the eagle holds the power of war symbolized by the bundle of 13 arrows.

On a scroll in the eagle’s beak, Thomson put the motto E Pluribus Unum suggested by the first committee.


In his original proposal to the committee, Du Simitiere placed the Eye over shields symbolizing each of the original thirteen states of the Union. On the version of the seal that was eventually approved, the Eye is positioned above an unfinished pyramid of thirteen steps (again symbolizing the original States, but incorporating the nation’s potential for future growth). The symbolism is explained by the motto that appears above the Eye: Annuit Cœptis, meaning “[Providence] approves (or has approved) [our] undertakings”.[6]

Perhaps due to its use in the design of the Great Seal, the Eye has made its way into other American seals and logos, for example: the Seal of Colorado and DARPA‘s Information Awareness Office.




William Barton of Philadelphia’s 1782 proposal for U.S. national seal
with motto Deo Favente Perennis “Enduring by the Favor of God”. 

     Gary Gianotti noted to me in 2014 that the pyramid illustration above was masked as William Barton’s design for the Great Seal of the United States. In actuality it represented the Scythian (Merovingian Dynasty) bloodline that provided the authority of the Scoti bloodline origins of Scotland for the United states. The pyramid design was offered as part of the third committee’s attempt in establishing the new federal government’s insignia while masking the authoritative nature of Scotland’s families behind it. The design was accepted as the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, but the motto was changed to proclaim a more proper concept of significance. Formally the pyramid symbol was believed by U.S. historians to come from an earlier Continental currency note who’s design was formally introduced by Francis Hopkinson. This would be an illusion to create a fallacy for the common colonial citizen.

     In the original design William Barton put a palm tree on the top of the pyramid. His intended message was that our New Republic’s well being will be “fairer then ever” after it was burned down to the root because of the European societal construct which was provided by the British Parliament. This could be true and have the right intention by Barton, but this idea would not fit the framework Robert Scot was laying for the foundational Scottish Royal culture artistry. Gary also noted that the original sketch was “not done” by William Barton even though he was connected to choosing this final design with all the new changes. If examined we can clearly see the pyramid stone blocks for each step depicting the artist’s signature “S” maker marks of Pierre du Simitiere. Gary believed that in this small time frame the development of the insignia could only be attributes to Pierre du Simitiere. He believed no other artists in relation to the project would have had the technical skills in combination of the appropriate historical knowledge to devise an illusionary deep seated Scottish family bloodline meaning.


     The earliest known introduction of the Eye of Providence was in 1782 as a Cornerstone design element for representing the United States vision of a new balanced society. Understanding the true meaning of the symbol, and not mistakenly attributing the meaning to God Watching over our nation is only half of the explanation of why it was not used as our Great Seal symbol. One can reasonably say this design element can actually date as far back to 1776, when the Enlightened Revolutionaries were guiding the movements through Continental Congress state delegates and George Washington’s Continental Army. At an earlier point before the American Revolution broke out, they were designing the Chessboard and crafting the pieces for the moves necessary going forward. This would be a reflection of the Eye of Providence before the term was actually introduced into society. These Enlightened Revolutionaries were watching over colonial society and forecasting and then providing the necessary steps in-order to obtain liberty and independence. The Eye of Providence is a timeless concept. It should be viewed as how a few enlightened men (in a lineage of time) who share a vision of a better country and culture will make the necessary societal adjustments (Social, Political,and Economical) as our society continues to evolve to meet world challenges of our species. By using the Grand Architects design model as a base foundation we will be equipped to continue our species advancement through the later generations.

The citizens of the New Republic was led to believe that the Eye of Providence was a message in nature designed using a Judaeo-Christian fallacy of God’s watching or guiding our actions toward lower level masons and the general public. This fallacy could have been concocted as to mask the Enlightened Visionaries true plan of using the Grand Architects Design in developing a new societal construct which would have brought up origin issues of what is the proper society configuration. The Eye of Providence was a design symbol to reflect the Enlightened Visionaries moving forward with this plan in our country’s future as it matured. Secretly messaging that an unseen hand by certain key individuals who understand and comprehend the Enlightened Visionaries Idealisms will be guiding their societal construct as new challenges present themselves. As I am 25 & and Dale is 52, we sit at the pillars helping people understand Clarity, Direction, and Truth becuase the common man with all his hereditary exoteric faults was not made to see the esoteric Grand Architects Design; with-out blemishing the bibles Great Architect of the Universe’s worldly design including everything in nature and toward their fellow man. The Eye of Providence was designed because the unseen guiding hand could not reflect the purity nature of the Bee who only transports without interjecting anything from itself.  





     A representation of generational Enlightened Individuals nurturing (mankind) America’s citizens under the societal veil of political, social, and economic challenges carries forth into our time. This should be looked at as a positive re-enforcement provided by the Enlightened Visionaries to move mans nature into a more civilized manor of enlightenment. These individuals Battle in our defense the dark forces in humanity that work tirelessly to destroy the framework of our society and the beauty that was created in the enlightened Idealisms of the New republic. Man is given signposts that are allusions because their perception is their reality. Understanding the pitfalls of ancient cultures allows their victories and tribulations to be incorporated into the transformational Grand Architect Design and allow for generations of new Enlightened Visionaries to offer guidance. As mankind becomes more sophisticated and enters into the new galactic age, he will need new transitional guidance to confront these unforeseen challenges. By understanding all of mankind’s inherent flaws, the multi-generational Enlightened Visionaries will be able to provide a stabilizing foundation through societies continued righteous religious foundations in concert with the Great Architect of the Universes natural order of man’s nature (Good or bad).


     To add to the complexity of the new Grand Architects Design framework, the Enlightened Visionaries needed to incorporate numeric values as foundational cornerstones into the new societal framework substructure. These numeric values are the direct representation of all the ineffable names of God. This was done in-order to provide a future multicultural nation a way of coming together as a melting pot of an advanced civilization that took to heat the Great Architect of the Universes design for mankind.

Each Hebrew Character in the Tetragrammaton represents a numerical value.
Based upon the numerical values of the Hebrew characters, 72 would represent
*All the ineffable names of God.

The calculation would be as follows:
10 x 4 = 40 / 5 x 3 = 15 / 6 x 2 = 12 / 5 x 1 = 5

Take all the sums and add together:
40 + 15 + 12 + 5 = 72


For a moment, one has to step back and widen the lens to the bigger picture and ask why the Enlightened Visionaries would ask Robert Scot and his Artisans to craft Rattlesnake buttons, George Washington inaugural buttons, federal & state insignia, and architectural buildings and landscape using a combination of mathematical values that were based in numeric values of God. What were the Visionaries strategically planning with their new Grand Architects Design  for societal restructure? We believe it was to lay foundation cornerstones in all areas of modern society. They understood that if a New Republic was going to be successful and move toward a much more moral based society in which mankind rises above his personal ambitions and unite for the good of the whole species. So, they incorporated God’s Great Architect of the Universe’s biblical teachings through how enlightened scholars saw the good and evils of society.

 Even though one can say all these numbers are ineffable names of God, there is an intrinsic value to each culture that would act as an underpinning to a multicultural melting pot. Maybe the real foundation of E. Pluribus Unum’s true meaning. By using this template offered by the Great Architect of the Universe they in essence infused our new nation with a common denominator of divine morality used by spiritual and religious leaders. We believe that was the point.

If the George Washington, the Founders, the Enlightened Visionaries, and all the unseen people who worked in a positive nature really wanted to move away from the oppressive European construct for their New Republic, a new enlighten way must be offered in-which there was a multicultural common denominator of religious decency for their fellow man, and act (must) be cornerstone for all. Even during the revolution George Washington and the Enlightened Visionaries watch powerful families above Royalty (Rothschild & Dunbars?) prey on mankind’s insecurities and feed off of their oppressive behavior all for the thirst for power and wealth. This new framework for the Republic would have to take a stand and denounce immoral lack of virtue and fight it with the underpinning of FAITH in the Great Architects Universe’s True design.

Dale believes that using ineffable names of God would talk indirectly to all the cultures of the world, and be able to show a reflection of their own history in weak moments like slavery and high points where man could embrace each other and move forward past their undesired characteristics that would enslave them to evil. The numeric values (numbers) should be seen as representational of how we as an enlightened culture can proceed forward through the Grace of God’s wisdom which is provided for all of mankind. With all of mankind’s fragile insecurities or egotistical nature of self importance driving them, we must learn as a race to fight and balance the scale in the favor of goodness and appreciation of one another. This is the way we lift mankind up to the Stars and embrace God. If the Enlightened Visionaries are able to equip the future of our new nation with the learned lessons of morality, then we can help prevent history of mankind sins from repeating itself. This is the true enlightenment of the New Era that the New Republic offered all refugees coming to our shores. The Grace of god!

Robert, there are two evolutions for mankind. One is of physical nature for mankind from our beginnings to the present of our physical appearance affected by tool making over time. Then there is the other evolution from the basic needs of the mind. This is dictated by our physical bodies  food, shelter, water etc. Our early start on this path of complex thoughts stimulated by tools and technology that lifts and elevates our minds in the present and then proceeds into the future of our race’s evolution. The enlightenment of our souls as we follow the matrix set before us will allow us to take our place amongst the stars. In the GWI, NNT, and Spy buttons holds the embedded reference and proof of these thoughts and observations you have written Robert but not understood with an apparent meaning. Very nice. – Dale Hawley.


*******       *******       *******       *******       *******


This depiction 1st Appeared on the Merovingian King’s Sarcophagus 7 Dots on a Crown representational of Clovis I Converting to Catholicism in 496


Right from the early onset of the American Revolution one of the most crucial important steps undertaken was the incorporation of Judaeo-Christian symbols along with their numeric values representing all the ineffable names of God. The Enlighten Visionaries realized setting up their Grand Architect’s Design for a new societal construct post revolution, they would have to use Judaeo-christian symbol  representations that would be recognized by all the cultures of the world. These numeric values combine with their reflective symbols would be the foundational cornerstones of a New Republic which offered colonists a hopeful future free of the self serving corrupt nature to better himself over his fellow man. Using the foundation of the bibles Great Architects Universe’s Design provided the Council of Revolutionaries foundational morality elements to underpin their various forms in their war of propaganda.

Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans were able to combine these underpinning religious foundational elements, and place them in their war against the British in limited fashions. George Washington was the first to be able utilize these religious symbols in his Spy Network to underpin their relationship in the future with their new societal construct of the Grand Architects Design. Knowing that colonists were not ready for this stage of a new era of enlightenment through a new societal construct, Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans skillfully created Allusions cloaked in other known historical propaganda vehicles used by the Egyptians and Romans. The George Washington Spy button’s symbol is a reflection of the underpinning foundational cornerstone of the Enlightened Visionaries new societal construct for the New Republic.  George Washington was able to use these religious symbols as masks cloaked as plain stars to deceive the British and American Patriots in their true intended meaning of religious significance. 

Robert Scot’s Artisans supplied George Washington with Religious motif buttons for his Spy Network 




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Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans purposefully infused all Rattlesnake Buttons with a substructure of religious meanings hidden under the Patriot rally-cry of liberty and independence. In the illustration below, we see how the the Star of David was used as a subcutaneous substructure that offered multi-layers of Allusions for different viewers. This subcutaneous multi-meaning Allusion acts as a foundational cornerstone that is present in the snake and eggs design to make 4 Stars. The Patriot’s eye would normal capture the obvious Star Snake pattern with the 13 Eggs as the  representation of the colonists in the 13 States. The forward message to Patriots would be of there struggle for liberty and independence. When we start to peel away the each layer of Allusion we see multiple meanings placed-in by the artisans. The next subcutaneous layer would be the incorporation of 3 Star patterns to represent the American Flag, Red, White, and Blue. As we peel away to the next Allusion we see the 4th Star come into play as the representational meaning of the 4 Seals of Solomon. Hence, the Rattlesnake button is properly infused with the integration of the New Republic’s flag and Hebrew foundational roots through the Great Architect of the Universe for all of mankind. As another allusion the 6 point star is a reflective of the Scottish Royal Cultures use of the Honey Comb to base their divine authority through religion. This aspect is also the foundational Cornerstones for certain George Washington inaugural buttons to start America with a religious backed blessing. 



The Enlightened Visionaries did receive in-direct support for their Rebel Cause from the Rothschild family. The Rothschild didn’t care about who was in war with who. They came at the angle there was profit on all side regardless, so they simultaneously banked England and Germany at the same time. Understanding their and appreciating their support, the Scottish Artisans added an extra layer of Allusion to the Rattlesnake buttons to add a new dynamic that would show appreciation, and more importantly keep the door open for financial support in America’s post-revolution era. This caliber (sort-of-welcoming mat) of recognized European high society appreciation was a two edge sword for the Enlightened Revolutionaries. They wanted and took the appropriate steps in their Grand Architect’s Design to be free of the European wealth controlled societal construct. On the other side of the coin, they understood America’s was a poor country, but abundant in needed global natural resources. They foresaw a channel of funding would be needed by future American entrepreneurs to set up the appropriate foundations for economic prosperity.

This was a balancing act for George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and the Council of Enlightened Visionaries. They would have to enact safeguards into the framework to remain true to the Grand Architect’s Design, but also allow financial support through carefully channeled avenues while still maintaining the public the Allusion of America’s Financial Sovereignty. A behind the scenes negotiation must have taken place between Hamilton and the Red Shield (Illuminati) with an understanding of limits on how America’s natural resources would remain in control of Americans. Profiteering interest would be the fruits of the Rothschild family in areas of economic development through the Bank of America’s loans later. This deal might have been negotiated because of the financial constraints of the Bank of New York. This was established earlier after the Revolution pretty much ended on February 23rd of 1784, when Alexander Hamilton established the Constitution for the Bank of New York located in the City of New york.

In 1791, under mounting pressure of the country’s war time debt, Alexander Hamilton used that opportunity against George Washington’s wishes and took the initiative to persuaded or leverage Congress to grant a twenty year charter and establish the 1st bank of the United States. George Washington did not want the Rothschilds who were bankers of the Revolution now profiting off his New Republic. He knew the Rothschilds coerced England out of their banking system, while at the same time stealing away their colonies in America. George Washington and the Enlightened Visionaries new the Rothschilds were profiting on the blood of both the patriots serving in the Continental Army and the British soldiers. Dale mentions that in Great Architect of the Universe’s design, God sometimes uses evil to beget good in his creations. When Alexander Hamilton was green lighted from Congress to establish the Bank of America, it would be reasonably argued by American historians it was in name only. America in the post revolutionary times was a broke country that desperately needed economic aid for entrepreneurship and stabilizing the federal government. So, in Truth, it was actuality secured by the Rothschild family’s wealth and name in multi-global banking.

In the diagram below, we will use the same design of 4 Stars once more to offer another view of the layers of multi-allusion. This time the Rattlesnake button speak to a different receiver (Rothschild-Redshield-illuminati). This time the Dark Prince is represented by black, and is reflective of the Rothschild’s Coat of Arms in the 18th century which uses all four colors red, white, blue, and black. This would represent Rothschild’s 5 sons, one being the dark prince who would work against the Enlightened Visionaries Grand Architect’s Design. The Red Star would be the representation of the Rothschild family through the Red Shield of the Illuminati. Also,the Black Star could be seen as the Black Prince’s control over America. The 5th Star would be located on the reverse of the button. There is some circumstantial evidence that Robert Scot and his Artisans had illuminati ties because of outward design representations. 


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The Enlightened Revolutionaries were made up of white Anglo Protestants mostly from England and Germany. The new societal construct of the Grand Architects Design would welcome European Jews and Catholics and offer them equal social status and an avenue to prosperity.




Using the Grand Architects Design, the Enlightened Revolutionaries were able to carry over religion and numeric values 5, 6, & 72 represented by the Hebrew characters and are all ineffable names of God. The Visionaries once again used these numbers in conjunction with multi-culture religious symbols and infused them into 1789 George Washington inaugural and New Nation Tribute buttons. honoring George Washington and their Crowning achievement of a New Republic with a state ratified Constitution umbrella’d under a Federal Government.