Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s
Patriot Propaganda War


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The Eight Segmented Snake & Rattlesnake Propaganda

       At some point, Benjamin Franklin must have made a beneficial agreement with Scottish Elite Class ( Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries) and worked with Robert Scot’s umbrella artisans to manipulate the propaganda war against the British. This root step would lay the tracks for the foundations of the New Republic. His decisive 1754, Join or Die statement published in the Philadelphia Gazette was a colony representation, but then manipulated by Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans to parallel with their Scottish Royal Culture’s use of the Egyptian’s snake symbol of propaganda.  The American Rattlesnake with Scottish use roots to the House of Stuart would served as a rally-cry for the patriots.

     The Anglo Protestant Enlightened Revolutionaries will bring their war through a substructure of the bibles Great Architect of the Universe design. By using Gary Gianotti’s Scottish Royal family research, we were able to tie Robert Scot’s genealogy to the Sinclair family. This would reasonably explain his knowledge and authoritative rights to use Scottish Royal Bloodline symbols in his newly developed transforming art for the New Republic. This also would be the main reason why other accomplished artisans of the era would naturally fall under his directorship umbrella in creating federal insignia art. By being a “Hidden Master,” Robert Scot could act on behalf of the Scottish Enlightened individuals by using several different nationality artisans, but their work could only be sanctioned by Robert Scot in the end. Most likely, he provided permitters in a consultation or manipulated the drawings afterward and before congressional review.

     By the 1770’s, Benjamin Franklin’s was able to incorporate the Scottish elite’s new societal framework of the Grand Architects Design along with the promotion of “New Era Ideals” in concert with his philosophy of nature and science. Earlier in 1754, he was able to place multi-deep seated meanings within his continuing propaganda use of the (8) Eight Piece Segmented Snake Symbol. This snake symbol was able to transform from it’s original message into an American Propaganda vehicle which held a Liberty, Independence, and Unity message against British Parliament Laws. As different aspects of society were affected by the British Laws, Franklin would alter to fit the patriot message and transform the connotation. Dr. Franklin waged his propaganda war through newspapers, journals, and other published vehicles. This offered the “Cloak N Dagger” secrecy for the Patriot movement by providing Dr. Franklin with anonymous written journalism. No one wants to be hung in the town square….. lol

     By Dr. Franklin’s continually using his eight piece segmented snake, one could say it could parallel the Enlighten Visionaries use of the Scottish Royal Culture Aegyptia Anguis / Rattlesnake metaphor. The simultaneous use of both symbols in written publications and Masonic lodges provided a reinforcement to the aggrieved subordinate class of colonists. The Scottish Royal Culture propaganda symbols such as, “The Rattlesnake buttons and Liberty Pole & Cap,” originate through the House of Stuart’s lineage starting with the Egyptian Super Scholars, Phoenicians, and Romans with contributing religious integrations. Sprinkled in for balance..lol

       Here begins the incorporation of the “Egyptian Metaphorical backed Symbol of the, “Aegyptia Anguis” into colonial pre-revolutionary Columbia (America). The Rattlesnake symbol’s true meaning and intended use was purposefully hidden and disguised through allusion to the average (uneducated) colonial citizen. In orchestration with other propaganda symbols taken from various ancient cultures (including the Liberty Pole & Phrygian Cap), Dr. Benjamin Franklin was able to facilitate a revolutionary patriot message for the Cause with the collaboration of the Scottish Gentry (Enlightened Revolutionaries) and their agenda of providing a new societal construct (Grand Architect Design) for a new republic.

     These propaganda symbols would be cultivated and disseminated by Scottish Masonic Lodge Members, and revolutionary groups like the Sons of Liberty. This would not be a tidal wave change, but an accumulation of events that would strengthen the undercurrent revolution toward the dissatisfaction of British Parliament Laws. I cannot know for sure, but the time taken by designing the Grand Architect Design and culmination of events I would estimate a little more then 22 years. So, it should be reasonably assumed that Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s participation in underground networks, and his interactions with other social climbing colonists through their neighborhood Masonic lodges, along with clubs like, “Junto” would have provided an avenue to add onto the patriot ranks of the Revolutionaries. Through these avenues Dr. Franklin was able to introduce a series of intellectual New Era Ideals and propaganda based in the Allusion through “Science based Idealism.” This in-turn would have probably viewed as, “The New Ideals” for the New Republic.

My personal thoughts: Maybe, it is not the Point of when Aegyptia Anguis was introduced. Maybe, it wasn’t the choice of just one person or group. Analogy, If I am sitting in a room full of men that share the all the same Judaeo-Christian religion, sharing colonial culture and oppression of 2nd class citizenship, naturally everyone would have the same historical symbols in mind. There would be automatic historical representation to everyone without the need of further introduction of Aegyptia Anguis. There is no new symbols or metaphors to make up for a repeated history. It would only be a natural extension of what we would all use and see automatically because our fathers, fathers used them before them.

Benjamin franklin was able to harness these ancient religious virtues of Providence not understanding truly how the (Enlightened Revolutionaries) Scottish Gentry were incorporating their True meanings from history. Franklin, not being enlightened himself through his own self awareness, he was just a very educated man understanding the true meanings without the gift of true self enlightenment. As Franklin, educated scholars can understand Enlightenment, but they miss the “Magic” because they are told through rationality of a continually building education of enlightenment ideas from previous mistaken avenues by men. Meaning, if someone teaches you something, you miss the magic of learning it on your own. With enlightenment it is a series of lessons integrated at once for a much bigger understanding. Best I can say it.