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18th Century Social Customs

 Two points about eighteenth-century English and English-American society are important to keep in mind when considering any type of public behavior in those societies. First of all, they were stratified societies and the ways in which people interacted with one another reflected their relative social positions. Not only how something was said, but when it was said, were reflective of the social positions of the speakers. For example, it was not proper for someone of a lower social rank to offer a greeting to a person of higher rank without having been first addressed by that person. Nor was it proper for the social inferior to end the conversation. Secondly, there was some fluidity between the the levels of society. Money was not enough to lift a person to a higher level, however. Deportment was also important. Deportment included dress, bodily carriage, and using the polite forms of conversation. During the course of the eighteenth century, the middling sort were increasingly able to afford the trappings of gentility, and they were eager to acquire the accomplishments as well. By the late eighteenth century, therefore, many had acquired the rudiments of polite conversation.


General George Washington 1775 Commander & Chief Uniform Button

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     Why use such a obscure passage to start telling you about me? I believe it is needed as a starting point to provide the proper context into the work I have beed delegated to do into GWI & NNT buttons. In the pages I will come to know as my life work will be a reflection of the honorable network of the real Enlightened men who had the foresight and knowledge to combine multiculturalism together into religious harmony while forging our nation. I am No Jesus or Saint Andrew. What I do have is the privilege of having is personal enlightenment of unknown historical information of the intent of the what the Master Artisans were trying to accomplish. These Artisans under the direction of Robert Scot was able to infused America’s insignia with Scottish Royal culture and incorporate Judaeo-Christian religion through a new societal construct known as the Grand Architects Design. Thank You for spending a small piece of your valuable time with me on my life’s journey in the GWI & NNT button world. As, noted above, we all have stations in life. Blessed are the ones that can come and accept them with humility and humbleness. 

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 Me & Isabela at Mount Vernon in 2016
For Revolutionary War Weekend.


A little about Background Education


     My name is Robert James Silverstein, I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Political Science from The Pennsylvania State University in 1989. I studied the formation of early State Governments post-revolution in the 13 Colonies, which turned into the establishment of the American Federal government in 1789. My main emphases was on understanding the development of the colonial business infrastructure outside of agriculture. This structure of aristocratic governance, class stratification led me on a path to research the Era’s environmental context with the undercurrent of Masonry, and role of the Scottish-Rite neighborhood lodges. With James Madison’s biography notations, I was able to clearly see how the Masonic Constitution of exiled European Jacobites was drafted into the U.S. Constitution. In the pursuit of profit, power, and positions of economic power, the so-called, “white collar business infrastructure” in the post colonial era was created by Scottish-American families with Royal-bloodline ties influential in the French, Dutch, Scottish, German, and English Crown Courts. Some of these Revolutionary families had direct Royal bloodlines to the Bonnie Prince.

      People say the American Revolution was an extension of the British’s Seven Years War with the France, but in truth it comes from an earlier time. With my journey in uncovering GWI’s Allusion symbols, I was able to create enough supporting evidence that in actuality the Revolution was a later date extension of Scotland’s Glorious Revolution with the dethronement of King James II in 1698.  Hopefully, you will enjoy my library of buttons, and take the journey back in history with me to uncover little known or forgotten facts. I will illustrate and decipher hidden meanings wrapped in masking Allusions to act as a fall back position if the experiment in self government failed. I will make mistakes in my work, and replace theories as new evidence presents itself. 

     I live in New Windsor, N.Y.. It is one of the major Revolutionary War areas in the Hudson Valley Region. I spend most of my recreational time with my daughter Isabela, and collecting Rattlesnake, GWI, and New Nation Tribute, and early American Military buttons. Meaning, I love to research and learn about the historical origins and ancient symbols secretly placed as an Allusion on George Washington Inaugural, New Nation Tribute buttons. I have done some other hands-on American Revolutionary War Relic research besides buttons on the various Revolutionary War sites in New York and New Jersey. I like to talk and work with historians, button collectors, and metal detector enthusiasts about their finds, and then post my learning experiences to my library’s website. I have given several lectures on GWI buttons and George Washington SPY buttons at Revolutionary War historical houses, Masonic lodges, and have been graciously invited to Metal Detecting clubs for educational purposes. My main goal is to share my passion and enthusiasm in hopes to promote the hobby of button collecting to our younger generation. 

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 Rattlesnake, George Washington Inaugurals, and New Nation Tribute Buttons


      I would like to supply a Free Service to any collectors who would like to confirm, certify, and get a Certificate of Authenticity for their Rattlesnake, George Washington or New Nation Tribute button. I can either do a single button or a whole collection. For the die hard collector, I am humble that you feel my work would supply your stewardship with associated credibility and would be happy to furnish a Certificate of Authenticity if specially requested. 

     If I am able to help you sell your button or more importantly help you build a GWI collection, there will be “No Commission Charged” by Isabela’s website, and this should be considered a Free Service to both the buyer and seller. I do not set market prices, and rarely give diggers, sellers, or buyers advantages for the pursuit of profit. My thoughts are, “What ever the market will bare given the collecting and economic environment for GW buttons. What I can offer is the range of past sales, to help give the buyer and seller an educated parameter to work with. So, my advice:

     First, you must decide a price you are willing to accept as a fair market value for your button. Then send me a clear photo of the button’s front and back. This will help me determine the price you want is fair for both parties. I do this because I follow public auction and private sales closely. I compare other specimens that are sold that equal your buttons condition. If GW collectors believe it is fairly priced a transaction will be eminent. I do make recommendations if I feel offering is to high or low. This is to benefit both parties, and help the market remain consistent. 

My Proud Patriot, My Spy…

Isabela was the first Girl in history (235 years) to be photo’d with a “Documented Worn” Authentic George Washington Spy Button.
This American Variant George Washington SPY button belongs to H.K.Swan’s Personal Collection.

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Blue Belt 02-26-2018

*My best friend Zanzabar “Zanz” 2002-2018 
For 15 years we shared snacks and grew our family with his unconditional love.
When I bought him from the Breeders, they named him George Washington because of his marble crown and he was born on the July 4th weekend! 
Fated to my by the Grand Architect, no other explanation.
He lived his days with me in our house on Washington Lake in New Windsor, N.Y.
Yes, the true Birth Place of America & Sons of Cincinnati.
Oppps forgot, He loved watching me dig for GW Buttons.
Wish I could have trained him to dig, and not watch…lol
He will be truly missed by our family, RIP.