“If we cannot learn wisdom from experience, it is hard to say where it could be found.”


~ 1789 to 1797 ~
GWI 24
The Federal Eagle
W/ The Regnal Jewels of Scotland Indentees


      Welcome to Isabela’s 1789, George Washington Inaugural Buttons Library. My name is Robert J. Silverstein, and I am the author, creator, and developer of this library of George Washington Inaugural and New Nation Tribute buttons. I have spent years of research along with collaborating with a host of collectors and professors of universities into ancient world cultures and religions. This enabled me to bring the hidden intentional meanings behind the symbols which were masked in an artistry allusion by Robert Scot and his Philadelphia Artisans. I was able to infuse this website’s library for the first time in history with unavailable information, and a Premier Collection of selective historical buttons and relics which tells the untold story of the Scottish founding of the United States insignia.  Our intent is to provide a factual history for the origins of early American symbols through GWI & NNT buttons and associated federal & state insignia relics. For historical relic researchers and button collectors this would act as a starting point avenue for their own research into certain symbol origins for 18th century Rattlesnake, George Washington inaugural, and New Nation Tribute buttons. Also, with the help of Robert Milburn we are able to offer approximate backmark dating on early turn of the century English and French made civilian & military buttons through historical records.

     I was able to compile and compare a wide variety of specimens in-order to help advance the button community’s knowledge and understanding into the Scottish Royal Culture symbols of each button, as well as provide a historical context perspective. After many years of research, I was able to document and provide 3 New GWI varieties, and 13 sub-variants of George Washington inaugurals and New Nation Tribute button varieties. Since Rattlesnake, GWI, & NNT buttons do not offer the collecting community any in-depth information on the Scottish symbols origins represented within these celebratory buttons; we decided to provide their true intent and meaning. To advance the knowledge and truth into our modern day society, I thought it best to use a website’s platform as a library to bring light to unanswered questions into America’s symbolism’s Scottish origins, and help promote the hobby for future button and relic collectors. Hopefully, our years of research through the love of GWI & NNT button collecting will benefit the American relic collecting community.

     I believe for the first time, I can provide truthful information based on our research into the true intent and purpose behind the symbols of America’s Revolutionary War Rattlesnake buttons1789 George Washington inaugural & New Nation Tribute buttons. Using historical irrefutable evidence of where the symbols originate, we have come to conclude that Scottish high society elites used Robert Scot and other Philadelphia Artisans to supplant Judaeo-Christian religious lessons along with other mulit-culture denominators through the lineage of Scottish Royalty to provide a foundation in the creation of America’s federal insignia. A fact that has been purposefully overlooked by the America’s historical researchers and educational system. This caused a significant devaluation of American Relics and has remained so to the common citizenry who collect 18th century objects. Through this library our group will demonstrate how the sophisticated Scottish Artisans under the direction of Robert Scot used a secret “Allusion technique” in their artistry. Specifically placing Scottish Royal Culture history, and Judaeo-Christian Authority as Heraldry within the Scottish New Republics Transformational insignia.

     I believe George Washington used the Scottish Gentry of high society allies from the American Revolution who formed a Council of Enlightened Visionaries to help shape the dynamics of a much needed new style of societal governance. This new societal construct would be called, “The Grand Architects Design.” This blue print for the New Republic was most likely modeled from the a combination of the bible’s Great Architect of the Universe, The Noble Order of the Garter, and the Order of the Thistle’s precepts. This Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries was able to strategically weave Scottish Royal Culture and these Order precepts into the foundation for our country through Robert Scot’s Artisans and Congressional 1785-1789 Committee members.

     Robert Scot was sent to America by several factions of Scottish Royal families as, “The International Guild President.” His authority would cover all practicing artisans being of all nationalities operating in the American colonies; as well as other European countries. Only Robert Scot was granted the Royal authority (and trained from childhood) to use the Scottish Royal Culture Symbols of the House of Stuart in the commissioned artistry he produced. Accompanying this authority is the right to use Royal religious symbol “E” which grants divinity from God.

     *Meaning, their was a plan set in motion to infuse Scottish Royal Culture into the U.S. Federal System. (By whom in Europe)? America’s newly introduced insignia originates in the history of Scottish Royal Culture, and will act as the official authoritative backing in country affairs with foreign nations. So, using his platform in America Very Discreetly working as the official International Artisan Guild President, he was able to successfully wield his influence behind the scenes of well known artisans that provided the foundation artwork for America’s insignia and long list of other official state relics through Congressional Committees.

The Silverstein Proposition: George Washington felt “Obligated” to become America’s first President not because of his love for the people, but because Prince Edward Stuart died in 1788. George Washington personal life was submerged in generational traditions of Scottish Royal culture. His political relationships in Virginia with the Gentry (displaced Scottish elite class in the Colonies) was resinated into his personal business ambitions. These relationships were cultivated through Scottish Masonic Lodges who adhered to Strict Observance. This was George Washington’s obligation, not the common colonist suffering from British Parliamentary laws which purposefully caused social stratification. So, in a macro lens of world sovereignty, when the King George III of England offered George Washington his own Crown over the Americas, it was a political move to keep the British Crown over England, Ireland, and Scotland away from all the natural birth heirs of the House of Stuart. George Washington knew his social place, and the Scottish Gentry who financed the era’s commerce. By social ettiequte of the day, Washington was socially obedient to these elite family of colonial America. He had no desire for the Crown, and in the Revolution he wore the House of Stuart’s Phoenix, and the Sons of Liberty Stripes on his Continental Army Commander & Chief’s uniform. The virtues of the founders of this time was an interpretation of a combination of noble precepts of The Order of the Garter and Scotland’s Order of the Thistle. This would be the New Enlightenment and Ideals presented by the Son’s of Liberty for the Patriot cause. George Washington’s Continental uniform button below serves as direct irrefutable evidence that he knew only the Bonnie Prince would be socially accepted to lead the country after the war by the elite class. Yup, I said the Bonnie Prince! All (3) roads ultimately will lead to the Bank of Scotland in Italy, not the front of the Rothchilds.

Understanding the Bonnie’s numbers 3, 5, 6, 8, and 13

     In Artisans Robert Stranges engraving below of the Prince Edward Stuart circa 1745, we see symbols that were adopted within the foundational number symbology starting in America’s Federal Government in 1789. In the portrait the young Bonnie Prince is wearing the Blue Sash and 8 Point Star of the Order of the Garter. The 8 Point Star has an indirect religious referance to the Bonnie being born on December 31, 1720 under the Bethlehem Star as the coming of the future King. The Order itself is made up of the King and his 12 Sir Knights making the symbolic number 13. The code of this Order of the Garter combine with the Code of the Order of the Thistle would turn into the “Foundational Morality” of the Grand Architect Design which was put for in American society by Scottish Enlightenment Ideals perpetrated by University of St. Andrews in Edinburg, Scotland, and English social club Gentry members who secretively supported the Jacobite movement in the 1760s. The Laurel Sprig and 3 Berries represents the Laurel Crown placed upon his head at Holyrood Castle in 1745 as the future King. They could not place a real crown on his head because his father was alive at the time. He was seen as a Roman Triumphant Caesar of sorts who’s victory in Edinburg in 1745, and future victories over the Hanoverians would restore his divine title of the III King of Scotland & VIII of England in the future. The 3 Ostrich Feathers originates from Edward the Black Prince in 1330-1376 eldest son and heir apparent of Edward III of England. This is considered the heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales, for which the hereditary rightful heir to become the King of England will come. This makes the young pretender the rightful natural born son through James II & VII divinity. Next is the Phoenix helmet which symbolizes the Zoroastrian religion and the Rebirth of Bonnie King on the eve of December 31st 1720. At the time there was tribute song and poetry were associated with the birth of the future king. Divinity associations of him being born under the Bethlehem 8 Point Star from Pope Clemente XI helped cement his divine right of kings, and VIII king in coming to England. The 6 pointed Star also represents him as the coming of the King, and him being the right hand of God which is in all his earlier portraits and medals. All these numbers can easily be found before, during, and after the American Revolution. This would be represented in Rattlesnake buttons and Rev. War flags and propaganda media. Indirectly, speaking he would be considered the King of Jerusalem which would automatically make him the Sovereign Grandmaster of all Freemasons. So, to tie into American Freemasonry known as Jacobite strongholds during the revolution which inducted landed gentry association with 5 Point Stars in pentagram ritual association.  I give you the unseen connection as i pull the curtain aside….. .


 Before Robert Scot’s artisans transformed it, the Zoroastrian Fire Alter combined the Prince Edward Stuart’s Royal Phoenix symbol is where America’s Eagle originates. The Phoenix symbol is a Royal Crest of birth which belongs to Scotland’s Prince Edward Stuart. When he was Born in Italy on the new year, December 31st 1720, a Scottish poet wrote about the Bonnie’s birth symbolizing the re-birth. The Phoenix symbol, birth song ended up turning into an artisan propaganda symbol composure celebrated by loyalists of the House of Stuart. The Bonnie represented the birth of their “Ascension” back into because power, and then was confirmed religiously by Pope Cement XI (who ushered all this formally) upon his birth. The Phoenix was then used forward as the Bonnie’s signature which would be incorporated into his Coat of Arms (Helmet) during his propaganda battle against the British in 1740’s. This (Transformational) Phoenix was worn on Washington’s earliest Commander & Chief’s uniform in 1775. Meaning, Washington knew ultimately that this was the Bonnie’s army, and his Scottish noble Jacobites out of power were the true movement behind America’s cause. The Zoroastrian religion is the world’s oldest and extant religions. It is Monotheistic (one God), with the concept of good over evil. Even though Judaeo-Christianity was the world’s religions at this point, knights and nobles would still practice through Zoroastrianism through their Orders. The 18th Century was beginning of the end of “practicing rituals” within lodges through new sects like Strict Observance.   


Technically this button could be viewed as
the earliest Artisan Rendition (1775 )

of the
Great Seal of the United States

The Allusion:  George Washington’s 1774/1775 Continental Army Uniform Button depicted the “Sons of Liberty 13 Stripes” on the Bonnie Prince’s Zoroastrian Phoenix insignia. The 13 stripes represented the 13 colonies? I believe the 13 stripes is the representation of Prince Edward Stuart and the 12 knights of the Order of the Garter. (This would later be the bottom star on GWI 9 with the 12 stipples). As General of the Continental Army against the British Army, George Washington carried the Bonnie’s Phoenix with the Zoroastrian Rebirth message on his uniform buttons from the first battle in Cambridge when it broke out in 1775. Then 12 years later in the establishment of a Federal Government, Robert Scot skillfully transformed Prince Edward Stuart’s recognized symbol into the American Eagle. This gave the appearance of “America’s birth” to the patriots, while continuing the propaganda Rebirth message for the Scottish Gentry. The Allusion is for the common citizenry, the true intent of the American Revolution was the restoration of power for the House of Stuart and Scottish families out of power. 

     The death of Prince Edward Stuart in 1788, placed Robert Scot into the position of being able to graft the Kings Right of Sovereignty ” E,” and through the Artisan allusion technique. Scot was able to lay it into the foundation of the Grand Architects Design for our government,- NOT into a representational symbol for George Washington as President. This is supported by the infusion of the letter “E” into 18th century governmental insignia and state relics which were created by the same Philadelphia artisans under Robert Scot’s Masters authority. 

The Scottish Roots in America’s Cause Reflected in A Button: George Washington’s Gilt  Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle Uniform button he wore as Commander and Chief would be the earliest “Artist Creation” of the Great Seal of the United States!  With Gary Gianotti’s irrefutable evidence which proves Robert Scot was the International Artisan Guild President directly from Scotland. Scot had behind the scenes influence as an “Unknown Superior of Strict Observance,” and was part of the “Creative force” that was behind the symbolism of the Scottish crown, and then influence behind the Great Seal Design within Congressional Committees. The Zoroastrian Phoenix / Eagle button above engraved by Robert Scot would be worn by George Washington, and then 12 years later with the death of the Bonnie, it was transformed into America’s Eagle, The Great Seal of the United States!

     We will also examine the reasoning why specific Scottish culture symbols were placed within America’s founding insignia and official objects. We know that Robert Scot’s and his Philadelphia Artisans had the proper education and artistry talent to provide a hidden Scottish Royal Culture and Judaeo-Christians foundations, but we need to look deeper and look at what they were trying to accomplish. Understanding the strategy put in place if the New Republic’s experiment in self-governance was successful or failed is very important. Understanding the concept of how European wealthy families and religious leaders dominated the economic structure of banking is very important to understanding the reasoning behind the Scottish Symbol placement and the societal construct of the Grand Architects Design. You will determine and measure through our history if the Scottish high society families strategy of preventing European Old Wealth through their financing (Banking) didn’t establish a dominance foothold in America’s ownership of the Country’s Resources.

       I believe that George Washington, the Founders, and this unseen Scottish Council of Enlightened Revolutionaries acted as visionaries and made a new strategic Chessboard that could be Transformational to fit societal needs as they changed. They were able to set up a strategic (Chessboard) plan using various networks to accomplish their vision. They were able to place pieces and provide the necessary tools for each piece to be successful. One of many vehicles was Robert Scot who was the International Guild President sent from Scotland who acted as an Unknown Superior (Strict Rite). He would be able to oversee and utilize in an umbrella all nationality artisans in America through his societal high social status. Another tool (Chess Piece) was the affiliated neighborhood Scottish Masonic lodges. The Scottish lodges provided a strong network for the high society Scottish elite families. The lodges were used as a social vehicle where everyone one who was a patriot came together to promote the agenda (Cause) of liberty and independence. This wide range of membership would include the artisans, all kinds of high society elites in political positions, as well as the disgruntled second class citizenry who be pawns in carrying out various missions or acting as Revolutionary War Soldiers. 

The Enlightened Individuals that contribute to this Library have the Power to Help the Button & Relic Community Rise-Up, and they Do So with No Fear of Personal Loss to Themselves; for They Do it for the beauty of Enlightening the American Culture of our era.


“Lux et Lux Fuit”

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March The Fourth
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G. Washington
President of the
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G.W. Monogram
Linked States
America’s 3 Roads
1127 Dunkfeld Cathedral

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WI 14-A 31.8MM 74.3 GRAINS WI 14-A 31.8MM 74.3 GRAINS RJ Silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons O
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A Scottish Rising
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A Federal Eagle
Morning Glory
Thirteen Stars

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G. Washington
Folk Art
Inaugural Buttons

* GWI 17 *
Open Laurel
Wreath Crown

Bonnie Prince Star

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15 Star Pattern
Long Live The

* GWI 19 *
G.W. Portrait
The Pater Patriae
German Tribute

* GWI 20 *
The Script
G.W. Sovereignty
“E” Emmanuel 

WI 21-A 25MM R-6 DALE EXC. NY:MASS not for sale BORDER
* GWI 21-B *
G.W. Monogram
Federal Eagle
Stipple Cypher

ZL-WI 22-A GW WITH LIBERY CAP 22MM RJ Silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* GWI 22-B *
G.W. Monogram
W/ Honey Hive
In Phrygian Cap

WI 23-B 14mm Gilt Brass Dave Dug in South Carolina 5
* GWI 23 *
The Federal Eagle
W/ G.W. Monogram
And Liberty Cap

ZH-WI 24-A THE EAGLE WITH INVERTED DIAMONDS 35MM. GILDED BRASS 20-20 NOTCHES-INVERTED DIAMOND SRJ silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* GWI 24 *
The Federal Eagle
W/ Regnal Jewels
of Scotland

* 1783-1784 *
Sons of Cincinnati
A Fellowship of Officers

WI 26-A LIBERTY CAP WITH DATE 34mm Copper RJ Silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* New Nation TR 25 *
Liberty Cap
on Liberty Pole
With 1789 Date

* 1799 *
Birthday Tribute
15 Star Fed. Eagle
1st Reverse Cuff

* 1792-1797 *
New Nation TR. 26

The Federal Eagle
W/ 13 Stars Above

*1793 Portrait Cent*
G. Washington
A Non Gentry Class
Inaugural Button

* 1745 – 1775 *
The Scottish Royal
*Liberty Button *
Honey Bee & Dog Star

* 1767 – 1783 *
The British Army
Royal Artillery &
Regiment of Foot

* 1789 – 1793 *
Long Live the King
King & Constitution

* 1775 – 1783 *
American Tory &
British Crown
Loyalist Buttons

* 1775-1784 *
G. Washington
Commander & Chief
Continental Army 

* 1775 – 1783 *
American Rattlesnake &
Propaganda Political Buttons

1777 Continental Army Enlisted Man's Pattern USA Pewter RJ Silverstein's Georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* 1776 – 1784 *
The American
Continental Army
13 Colonies Regt.’s

* 1775 – 1784 *
The French Army
Troupes A Pied

Infanterie de Ligne 

* 1775 – 1780’s *
Continental Navy
French C. Troops
Royal Navy 1748 >

* 1792 – 1796 *
A. Wayne’s Legion
-1798 to 1802-
Infantry Regt.’s

* 1776 – 1802 *
Army Artillery

Artillerist & Eng.

* 1790 – 1854 *
– Dragoons –
Regt Of Riflemen
* Militia Rifles *

* 1776 – 1865 *
Various State
Militia Buttons

* 1808 – 1854 *
Federal Infantry
Army Regiments
Officers & Enlisted

* 1802 – 1865 *
U.S. Artillery Regt.
Artillery Corps
Militia Artillery

* 1812 – 1851 *
The Federal Army
Ordnance Dept.
Artillery & Corps

1832 Topographical Engineers 23mm convex brass georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* 1813 – 1863 *
– Topographical –
Orig. General Staff
Engineers to Corps

* 1795 – 1863 *
United States
Diplomatic Service

* 1794 – 1865 *
U.S.A. Navy
Republic of Texas
Confederate Navy

Revenue Marine 1820's Albert' FD1-Tice RM200A21 rj silverstein's Georgewashingtoninaugralbuttons.com R-20
*1790 – 1863 *
– Dept of Treasury – Revenue Marine

1820's Marines Albert's MC 2 RJ Silverstein's Georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* 1798 – 1865 *
– U.S. Marines –
Navy Department’s
Naval Infantry

* 1780-1815 *
Mason Fraternity Buttons
Scottish & English
Freemason Loyalists

ZL-WI 22-A GW WITH LIBERY CAP 22MM RJ Silverstein's georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* 1789 *
Scottish-Royal Culture
Royal Family Bloodline

* 1778 – 1782 *
George Washington
Scottish Tribute
Gentry Spy Button

* 1776 – 1784 *
George Washington
Royal Sovereignty
Scot Spy Button

* 1776 – 1784 *
George Washington
Scottish Tribute
Jacobite Spy Button

1840-50's USMA RJ Silverstein's Georgewashingtoninauguralbuttons.com O
* 1816 – 1865 *
United States
Military Academies

Schools & Univ.
North & South

* 1789 – 1803 *
Le Bouton Uniforme Français
Troupes a Pied
Infanterie Legere

* 18th & 19 Centruy *
Treasures From
The Isabela Collection
> X <

* 18th & 19th Century *
Military Generals
Navy Admirals
French & British

1861-65 Adjutant Generals Dept. 21mm Gilt Brass Dug Chancellorsville by Grover Simpkins Albert CS 50-Tice CSAG250A.1 No Shank Made in Paris 2
* 1860 – 1865 * Confederate States Army General & General Staff Local & British

King Edward I
The Confessor’s
Divine Royal
Sovereign “E”

* 18th & 19th*

New Jersey
Jesuit Buttons

* 1790 – 1815 *
United States
Fed & State

* 18th & 19th Cent. *
R.M. Documenting

Civilian 1-Piece
Metal Buttons
* 1791-1793 * America’s Rattlesnake
Don’t Tread On Me
Rev War Buttons & Flags


*Perfect Forgeries*
Education &
Anniversary Issues
* A James Madison *
March 4, 1789
Constitution Trib.


Robert Scot’s
13 Step Capped
Nubian Pyramid
Snake & Pine Tree

American Sovereign
Grand Archit Design
Scot Royal Culture
Insignia Allusions